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Saints vs Jags: Good, bad & ugly

Saints vs Jags: Good, bad & ugly
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No Drew Brees, no problem for the fourth game in a row to improve to 5-1in an ugly defensive battle against the Jags 13-6. Here are my observations:

The Good

-The defense held it down yet again. At halftime, the Jags had only 110 yards of offense and ended the game with 226. This was the third game in a row allowing less than 300 total yards. Defensive stars Cam Jordan (two sacks) and Marshon Lattimore (an interception) led the way.

-Teddy Bridgewater completed 67% of his passes against the Jags. His poise in the pocket allowed him to remain calm and hit open receivers. No wonder teams wanted him to come in to potentially start for them this past offseason. This stretch proves he still has what it takes to be a starter in this league.

-Eight of Bridgewater's completions went to Michael Thomas. He hauled in those passs for a total of 89 yards, but didn't score a touchdown. However, he was open or made a play on the ball every time Bridgewater needed him. How he was so wide open on several instances is beyond me.

The Bad

-Bridgewater was pretty inaccurate today. While he had a decent completion percentage, he sailed quite a few balls. Luckily, they weren't intercepted. These throws are the ones that typically get tipped and/or picked off and can change a game, especially one played this close.

-Alvin Kamara was held in check. He totaled 18 touches for 66 yards and failed to score. Kamara is the X-Factor on offense for the Saints. His struggles coincided with the team's low output. It's a wonder they won despite the Jags doing such a good job holding him down.

-Speaking of low output, the offense averaged a paltry five yards per play. The Jags defense is stout, but it's aso susceptible to being beat. The Saints offense did just enough to win, but these type of performances aren't going to cut it against a team that has a better offense on the days the defense can't bail them out.

The Ugly

-No touchdowns scored in the first three quarters of play. Both defenses came to play. While I happen to like defensive games, it's the offenses that sell tickets and creates interest outside of the football faithful. It took until the 11:49 mark of the 4th quarter before ther Saints scored on a Bridgewater touchdown pass to Jared Cook.

-Going 5/13 on 3rd down conversions is a recipe for disaster. That's 38% for the mathematically challenged. Again, if the defense isn't able to bail the offense out by playing shut down ball, the offense will have to step it up.

-Demario Davis laid out Jags tight end Geoff Swaim in the 4th quarter. He was flagged for unnecessary roughness as the hit was to Swaim's head. Thankfully he was able to walk off the field, but stayed down a little while. Davis immediately took his helmet off and kneeled down as he's known for being a good sport and surely didn't mean to potentially injure Swaim.

The Jags are always a tough opponent, provided they're playing with their heads on their shoulders and not up their asses. Fortunately for the Saints, they played just a bit better than the Jags did, but not by much. I happen to enjoy games like this because I appreciate good defense. Some of you would disagree, and that's OK. Up next are the Bears, in Chicago. I fully expect another defensive struggle. If they can survive next week, the bye week comes and Brees should be back the week after. This may be the best team in the NFL right now all things considered.

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Everyone is talking about the Texans! Composite Getty Image.

The Houston Texans' additions this offseason certainly have not gone unnoticed. When a talented young core coming off a playoff victory adds Stefon Diggs, Danielle Hunter, and Joe Mixon, there's good reason to pay attention.

However, the Texans wouldn't be the first team to disappoint with a second-year quarterback looking to build off a tremendous rookie season. Add that to all the media rounds CJ Stroud is currently taking part in and one could see the Texans struggling to live up to expectations. Especially with a difficult first place schedule on the horizon.

ESPN's Shannon Sharpe isn't the only person to say expectations could be what derails Houston's season, it's a different ballgame when you're the one being hunted.

But Rich Eisen said something very interesting on his show this week about the Texans 2024 outlook that many Houston fans will want to hear. Eisen has no shortage of NFL insiders he can contact who have a finger on the pulse of what teams across the league are thinking.

One of those insiders is Sports Illustrated's Albert Breer. So, Eisen asked Breer what the consensus is among other insiders, coaches, and front office members across the league on the following question.

“Which team has pressed the most buttons properly to set themselves up for ultimate success this year?” And the answer Breer keeps hearing is the Houston Texans.

Which you have to love as a Texans fan, because this is coming from the people in the know. Not just media outlets looking to get pageviews. People that coach and run football organizations are all pointing to the Texans as the team that's doing it right.

Pretty amazing how much things can change in a year or two. Credit to GM Nick Caserio and head coach DeMeco Ryans.

In conclusion

At the end of the day, being set up for success doesn't guarantee the Texans anything. But it's the one thing they can control, and the reviews across the league speak for themselves.

To watch Eisen's discussion about the Texans, be sure to watch the video above!

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