Here's why latest details about Watson are the "worst look" yet


Tuesday on NBC Sports, Mike Florio and Chris Simms react to an SI article that details an account from another woman that gave Deshaun Watson a massage, this one goes back to 2019. What makes this story standout more than the rest, according to Simms, is the fact that she's not currently suing Watson. Her statement about the massage is also very similar to what other women have claimed about Deshaun, which involved inappropriate behavior. Also, her story is very well documented. She provided evidence to SI with messages regarding the incident, and has a family member that backed up her story.

Here's what SI said about her account:

In an effort to corroborate Mary's account, SI reviewed text and social media messages, and interviewed a family member Mary spoke to in the immediate aftermath of the session—that family member's account was consistent with Mary's.

Be sure to check out the video to learn more about Chris Simms' take on this new information, and read the piece on SI if you're looking for more details on what happened in 2019, according to the massage therapist.

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