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State power suffering minor setbacks

Wheatley hits some minor bumps in the road. Vype

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Unfortunately, senior forward Ariana Taylor's date with history was postponed.

Miss Taylor plays basketball for Wheatley and the team was scheduled to play Worthing at Butler Stadium.

Coming into the game Taylor was just five points shy of reaching her 1,000-career point, but due to a forfeit by Worthing for an unknown reason, Taylor didn’t get the honor of reaching the career milestone.

“I’m good…a little mad cause I really wanted to play,” Taylor said. “But it’ll be alright.”

What also has been postponed is the Lady Wildcats hardware.

After Worthing’s forfeit, the Lady Wildcats were expecting to be presented with a District Championship trophy.

The only problem was that they were tied at the #1 seed with Jack Yates and because Jack Yates had a game, the Lady Wildcats had to wait to see if Jack Yates would lose their final game.

“If Yates loses their game we [Wheatley] will be the District Champions outright,” Dedreck Carr, Wheatley’s head coach said. “But if they win then we will be Co-District Champions.”

Ultimately, because of the uncertainty of whether Wheatley would be District Champs or Co-District Champs is why they didn’t receive the trophy after Worthing’s forfeit.

The rule to a forfeit is the coach from the winning team gets to choose which player he wants to give two points to.

Carr elected to give the two points to Taylor so now she’s only three points away from reaching 1,000 points.

Taylor’s next chance at reaching the 1,000 points will likely be in the first game of the playoffs.

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