Stephen A. Smith says people are too focused on James Harden's flaws

Stephen A. Smith and Max Kellerman discuss Russell Westbrook's comments about normalizing Harden's greatness.

Stephen A. agrees with Westbrook, but Max doesn't believe James Harden is that much better than anyone else in the NBA.

Kellerman goes on to say that Harden's numbers are more about the era he's playing in. Check out the video and see who you agree with.

Composite photo by Jack Brame

The Rockets lost to the Spurs in double overtime on Tuesday night, and the biggest story of the game revolved around a missed call on a James Harden dunk. The Rockets are likely to file a protest over the game, but the team had many chances to beat the Spurs, despite the missed call.

ESPN 97.5's Charlie Pallilo discusses what really caused the Rockets to lose to the Spurs on Tuesday night, and what the Rockets have to do go moving forward to be considered a true contender.