Stream of consciousness with Astros, Rockets, and Texans

A.J. Hinch is the man, but even he isn't perfect. Jason Behnken / Getty Images
  • A.J. Hinch is one of my favorite managers/coaches of all-time in Houston. Probably at the top spot, however, he made all the wrong moves in a critical game and many of those moves were easily avoidable.

  • It’s easy to second-guess Hinch for pulling Dallas Keuchel based on the way Keuchel had been dealing after his first-inning blues, but the come in with Joe Smith? Of all the arms in the bullpen, Joe Smith? He wasn’t even on the playoff roster for the ALDS. He can’t be in on a clutch situation.

  • Ron Darling was really, really excited about Nathan Eovaldi being from Alvin and having the King of Alvin - Nolan Ryan - in the front row behind home plate. It consumed Darling.

  • What is happening with these catchers? It’s both sides too. You aren’t catching knuckleballers, guys! Wild pitches are one thing, but this many passed balls is ridiculous.

  • For all of Alex Bregman’s greatness at the plate, his greatness in the field deserves almost as much attention. That guy is a human vacuum. Hoovers it up and has release quickness and arm strength to make the difficult look routine. And the way Boston is pitching around him? That’s Barry Bonds stuff. The respect Alex Cora has for Bregman after watching him all last season is obvious.

  • I honestly don’t even know if Whitney Mercilus is playing for the Texans anymore. Is he wearing some type of hobbit cloak that turns him invisible or something?

  • With all of the pine tar / sunscreen videos out there and the reports about the Astros trying to spy on opposing dugouts, I’ve just come to realize that “gaining competitive advantages” is not only understood in baseball, but condoned. The sport is built on that very premise. It will never change.

  • While I wasn’t very excited about the addition of Carmelo Anthony to the Rockets roster, I would be lying if I didn’t say I was very interested in seeing how this plays out. I had some doubts about Chris Paul and James Harden sharing the ball and that was never an issue. Hope I’m wrong again.

  • The Rockets best shot at winning a title is if Clint Capela takes yet ANOTHER leap forward as an NBA talent. With all of the dunks, rebounds and blocked shots he should pile up, Capela is a sneaky All-Star candidate this year.

  • I thought Ozark Season 2 was okay, but I wasn’t in love it. I am, however, hyped to watch Making a Murderer 2 on Netflix starting October 19th.

  • Plantar fasciitis can suck the hole. Every morning when I wake up and put my right foot on the floor for the first time, it’s like I’m stepping on a nail. It stays like that for about 7-10 minutes. I hope many of the Red Sox get this.

  • I know the Jaguars have been terrible defensively over the last two games, but I don’t have great confidence that our Houston Texans can keep them reeling in that area. Houston just doesn’t matchup well against the physical nature of the Jaguars defensive front and Jalen Ramsey does a good job on Deandre Hopkins. I hope I’m wrong, but I see a bad result coming on Sunday.



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Another week has come and gone in the world of wrestling and there was a lot of changes and waves made this week.

In Raw, Braun Stroman was stripped of his title match for making a rather formidable display of strength by flipping a limousine over onto its side. It was incredibly impressive, even as a bit as Braun has been recovering from elbow surgery and this sort of proves physically he is back and that is bad news for whomever gets in front of him. Rising out of the ashes of that now dead match was a fatal four way where the haircut-needing walking myth himself John Cena passed the torch to one Finn Balor, the first ever WWE Universal Champion who relinquished his title due to injury. The intercontinental title passing to Bobby Lashley was an odd turn considering all three men - Lashley, Rollins and Ambrose - involved in that match now have held the title in the last month. There were still some corny bits, some scripted almost nudity from still injured Alexa Bliss resulting in the best eye roll in history from Renee Young, but they were balanced by the announcement of a women's tag team division, finally.

On Smackdown, the ship keeps feeling like it's listing, like the show is moving in the wrong direction somehow. The opening with Becky Lynch was amazing, the building of her character into this massive star has been incredible and more of this is what Smackdown needs. She opened her match with a massive throat punch that shows a kind of cocky dominance Smackdown as a whole is lacking, a feeling that some of these guys are truly legendary badasses. The Mandy Rose wants to ruin a marriage storyline continues for some reason and yet again Naomi and Mandy came to blows with no resolution. When will it end? The show overall was flat but it did end with a Shane McMahon coast to coast, leaping cake in the face on Shamus.

The WWE has started the process of introducing some new talent, with Nicki Cross involved in a three on three women's tag team match on Raw and with Heavy Machinery -a tag team- playing comic relief and Lacey Evans standing around sipping tea, not an exaggeration at all. Hopefully these three can do more than reorganize the deck chairs on what is starting to feel like The USS Smackdown post iceberg, but only time will tell.

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