Why drafting outside the Top 5 isn't necessarily a bad thing for Texans

The Texans need help at every position. Composite image by Jack Brame.

The Texans pulled off an improbable win over the Titans. Their second win of the season was crazy because they were outgained by 230 yards, but won the turnover battle by five. This was similar to their 2002 win over the Steelers when they won 24-6 after being outgained by 375 yards. They got five turnovers in that game too, but turned it over twice themselves. Should've been so much worse.

At 2-8, they're currently in the third or fourth draft slot due to them beating the Jags in the first game of the season. If they beat the Jets, they'll move into the lower half of the top 10. While there are some who think the team winning will hurt the rebuild (my own hand raised high), there's reason to believe the wins will not come back to haunt them come draft season.

I know what you're thinking: How can Jermaine think the wins are hurting their draft chances, and then write an article saying the wins won't hurt their chances? Simple. This is what happens when you can have a viewpoint, but be able to look objectively at something, hear another viewpoint, and still be able to argue for or against either side. Society should try it if we're going to save ourselves from ourselves.

One thing I like about potentially drafting outside the top five is the amount of talented players that will be able to come in and help this team from day one. The Texans' roster is so depleted, pretty sure I could make the roster if I were back in playing shape. Whether it's corner, safety, linebacker, defensive line, offensive line, receiver, tight end, or running back, this team needs an upgrade at every position. With this quarterback class being weak as far as finding a franchise guy, maybe drafting lower will help them take the best available player.

Another thing I like about drafting lower is the ability to fill several key positions before finding a franchise quarterback. Putting talent in place and getting them experience before finding your franchise quarterback will help said quarterback when he's finally put in place. Instead of trying to learn and grow alongside guys with similar experience, the new quarterback could grow faster if guys around him are up to speed and able to assist in that growth. Check the recent history of guys who were able to come in and play quarterback on veteran rosters, and there are more success stories.

All, or most, of this is predicated upon trading their former franchise quarterback. That trade is widely expected to bring in a king's ransom of draft picks and/or players. If that trade brings in some young talented players, that'll lessen the need to draft that specific position. If those draft picks are spread over a couple drafts, the team can always package those picks to move up and take their franchise quarterback. Or, if there's another disgruntled franchise quarterback on another team that wants out, the team could make a move to trade for him. This would work out well if they had at least one offseason to restock the talent pool and make this team more attractive to potential targets.

The main thing this all hinges on is Nick Caserio making the right moves and pulling the right triggers in order to reshape this roster into a playoff contender. The right trades, free agent signings, re-signings, releases, and all the other moves necessary. So far, I'm not as impressed overall, but that can change. This win, and any other wins they may get this season, won't hurt their chances at rebuilding quicker. It could even help boost some players' confidence that will be sticking around past this season. Sunday, May 1, 2022, will be the first day we can start to judge what Caserio can do and what this team will look like moving forward. Until then, we wait.

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