Here's the definitive list of changes Texans fans want to see this offseason

Here's the definitive list of changes Texans fans want to see this offseason
Fans want to see Davis Mills get a real shot moving forward. Composite image by Jack Brame.

Every so often, I like to talk to the people and find out their thoughts on things. Fans who engage on social media can be a wild bunch. Some will pose as your "average" online fan who simply loves their team. Others will be wildly passionate to one extreme or another. There may even be some fans who are just observing, but not nearly as passionate. I've come across them all.

Texans' fans are no different. They run the gamut of fandom. Some can be a little too extreme, whether it's positive or negative. For the most part, they're a really good bunch. So, I posed a question to Texans' fans and got some pretty good responses:

Something I noticed when talking to Texans' fans on social media: if you stay away from the McNair's selling the team and firing Jack Easterby, you'll take away two of the most polarizing franchise altering topics. Lots of them have used either or both as a way to immediately improve the team. So much so, that I've seen some that feel as though ownership actually owes them an explanation behind the recent direction of the team! No, really! There are grown people who truly feel this way and are damn serious about it!

After all they've been through, there are a portion of fans who are no longer fans. They've taken their support, monetarily and otherwise, home with them. Some have supported other teams, while the rest have withdrawn. There are even some who've lost their passion for the sport altogether!

There's a good amount of them I've encountered that have a good feel for the team and what needs to be done. I saw a couple well-thought-out responses that almost sound like they regurgitated them from a sports radio or TV personality. Some fans are that smart and have formed great opinions on their own. From them, you get a clear-cut course of action. Things like trading Deshaun Watson, adding more talent, finding a capable play caller, and even giving Davis Mills a chance to hold the keys to the car have come up.

That last one was a bit of a shocker. I didn't think there were that many fans on the Mills bandwagon. Boy did I find out this past weekend! I was told Mills could be a future MVP as the franchise quarterback if he's given the weapons he severely lacks. I think the kid has some talent and could have a decent future in the league, but slow down on crowning him a future MVP and franchise quarterback. That's a good way to get a mental health warrant issued for you.

Overall, fans are fed up. If the stands went from looking like an overweight cow ready for slaughter, to an emaciated shell of its former self, I think they've spoken. For goodness’ sake, the tailgating lot looked like a scene from one of those shows on abandoned towns and structures this past season! If those two indicators don't tell you what the fans are thinking, I don't think you have a pulse! One thing this organization has always been able to count on is fan support. Now that it's faded so quickly, they have no choice but to react.

Righting this ship won't be easy, and it most likely won't be quick. Some fans are sticking around and waiting for the team to be good again. For them, I hope this thing is turned around soon. This city and these fans are loyal to a fault when it comes to this team. They willingly put themselves through heartache and pain every year, only to be rewarded with mediocrity more often than not. Here's to the road to recovery. It may be long, winding, and seemingly never-ending, but the payoff is so worth it. Hang in there guys!

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Who's really calling the shots? Composite Getty Image.

Who is actually determining how much Jose Abreu is playing right now? Is it Joe Espada or is someone telling him from the top of the organization to play Abreu and not take him out of clutch moments?

Also, could Espada be sending a message to the front office by giving them a good look at how bad he is, and how much he's hurting the team with regular playing time?

ESPN Houston's Jeremy Branham makes that case in the video above, but his radio partner Joel Blank isn't quite buying it.

Don't miss the video above for the full conversation!

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