Team opts for bargains over flash

Texans fans melting down over free agency: Don't panic (or do, a little)

Texans fans melting down over free agency: Don't panic (or do, a little)
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On the surface, the Houston Texans have some work to do in free agency. But despite what you read on Twitter, the sky is not falling because they did not dive in the first day with high profile signings.

To quote the cover of The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy...Don't Panic.

Yes, they lost both Tyrann Mathieu and Kareem Jackson in free agency, but Jackson was not part of their future plans. They wanted to keep Mathieu, but were not willing to pay top dollar. Instead they signed former Jaguar Tashaun Gipson at roughly half the price.

At best, it is a break even move. But Gipson comes much cheaper than Matthieu ($14 million per season) and Jackson ($11 million). He also specializes in covering tight ends, which the Texans have struggled with for years. Is he better than Mathieu? Probably not. But is the drop-off that extreme? Not at all.

Adding help

Denver Broncos v Kansas City Chiefs

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They also added former Broncos corner Bradley Roby. He has been inconsistent, but is young and has upside. He should replace Jackson. He is one a one-year, $10 million prove it deal, much like Matthieu signed last year. Is he perfect? No, but no one in free agency is. These are two smart, low risk high reward signings.

More to come?

Jonathan Joseph

Jonathan Joseph is old.

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Are they done yet? They should not be. But adding another cornerback after Tuesday's signings - perhaps Pierre Dessir - at least gives them serviceable players at the position. Adding those to Jonathan Joseph, who is closer to the NFL graveyard than being an elite corner, and free-agent bust Aaron Colvin gives them at least some options at the position. Colvin was hurt and could be better, but they should not count on that. And they did not overspend for Roby.

Still problems

Texans offensive lineThe Texans offensive line has been in decline since 2014. Frederick Breedon/Getty Images

The offensive line, however, remains an abject mess. They needed to sign at least one decent player, and much like last year, they are down to scraps. They will have to nail the draft - something they have not done with offensive linemen - or next year will look a lot like last year. There is certainly cause for concern there unless they can make a deal or find a hidden gem. They tried that last year and we see how it worked out.

But at least they made an effort on one position group with decent, low-risk options. That should mitigate some of the panic.

It's hard watching teams like Cleveland push all their chips in the middle while the Texans plug holes with homeless guys. It is easy to panic. But free agency is not over. If this is all they do? Then they have failed. But there is still time. Let's wait it out.

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Houston Texans named in surprising blockbuster trade proposal

The Houston Texans have some big decisions to make this offseason, and we know one of the main areas they will be focusing on is the defensive line.

Both Jonathan Greenard and Sheldon Rankins are free agents, so it's possible the team will have to add a new edge rusher and defensive tackle if they are unable to bring these players back

ProFootballFocus put together a trade scenario sending Eagles edge rusher Haason Reddick to the Texans in exchange for a second round pick (No. 59 overall).

And while Chris from Sports Talk Extra in the video above likes this move for Houston because they don't have to surrender a ton of compensation, I have to disagree.

The reason Reddick will only cost a second round pick is because he's in the last year of his deal, and he's making a lot of money ($15.5 million).

Add that to the fact that he'll be 30 years old in September, and we have some real red flags. I would much rather use that draft pick to select a rookie that will be here for the next four years and isn't in his thirties.

Plus, the Texans would risk losing Reddick in free agency next year. Not a gamble I would be willing to take.

Why the deal could make sense

If you're the Eagles, this trade would make a lot of sense. They've already given Reddick permission to seek a trade, so they're ready to move on from him now, or when his deal expires after the season.

Who wouldn't want to trade away an older player with a big salary for a second round pick?

For the Texans, Reddick would be a good addition to the defense. He's recorded at least 11 sacks in four straight seasons. He would bring a veteran presence to the mix, and help the team put pressure on the opposing quarterback. Reddick has also been named to the Pro Bowl over the last two seasons.

But a second round pick for a player with an expiring contract feels a little rich for my blood.

In theory, the Texans could extend his contract when making the trade, but if they're going to have to commit a lot of money to him, re-signing Greenard would be my preference.

Be sure to watch the video above and decide if you agree with his premise, or if you would rather keep the pick and address the d-line in a different way.

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