Texas State moves up and Texas A&M manages to maintain their rank with an ugly win

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12. RICE

It just keeps getting worse and worse for Rice. I don't know where the bottom is but honestly it seems like they don't know where it is either. Bad times all around for the Rice program as they travel to UAB and probably collect another beating.

11. UTSA

They travel this week to UTEP and honestly, I don't think a change of fortunes is in the cards. UTEP is playing pretty good football and traveling from San Antonio to El Paso is enough of an excuse for these guys to throw in the towel this week.

10. UTEP

The losing can stop and finally a chance to get right, UTEP has been playing tough opponents and not playing terrible. This is a game the team has to be looking forward to, an opportunity to turn around this recent slide and start playing some winning football again.


Well they didn't save their season last week after a loss to Houston, so they're off this week and that's about all the good news they get.


Well last week I asked how they would handle success and game planning for a game they should win against Nicholls, they handled it well and got another W. This is the foundation they can use to keep building a successful season. Having the week off after two wins is a good thing and a bad thing, but hopefully Texas State can make the most of it.


Everyone knew a loss was coming against Oklahoma, but how will they bounce back and handle Oklahoma State will be the deciding factor for this team this week. Teams lose, it happens to most teams in a college football season, but good teams find a way to put losses behind them and focus on the next opponent. Quiet the noise and bring the thunder.


Well all the redshirt drama aside, they won against North Texas and have this week off. Sitting around after a loss is always demoralizing, sitting around after a win is always a little easier. Hopefully this week can be a calming week for the program and the team.

5. TCU

I really wanted to move TCU over SMU after this Kansas win but with the games this week, I felt like I could wait one more week and see how everything shakes out but I do like what TCU is doing. I know SMU beat TCU two weeks ago but I like this win over Kansas. They are doing good things and playing good football again.

4. SMU

SMU just keeps on rolling, there doesn't seem to be any team they can't handle right now. They're playing really good football and there's no telling how high they can go this season. But I should mention, that TCU is nipping at their heels and I say how high could they get but I don't know that I could reasonably move them over A&M, right?


Hey they beat Arkansas! But they looked awful doing it. How many heart attack games are these guys going to play this year? I want to buy into A&M and that they are at least the number 2 program in the state but I'm not sure I can right now. They're off this week so lets see if they can get their minds right and make a real push back at Baylor.


They didn't look great against Iowa State but at least it was a win and A&M didn't look good against Arkansas either. Baylor goes to Kansas State and is looking at needing a good, strong win to get some distance from A&M. Can't wait to see how it all turns out.


Coming off a bye, they go to West Virginia who can give people trouble, I think because of the travel. Let's see how Texas comes out of the bye week, are they going to be sluggish or are they going to explode out of gates and establish some dominance? Let's see.

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