Charlie Pallilo

Thanks for nothing, Cowboys

While the Texans enjoy their open week, the Titans will have a tough game against the Patriots. Composite photo by Brandon Strange

Charlie Pallilo reacts to the Cowboys' loss to the Titans on Monday night, and talks about what would have to happen for the Titans to overtake the Texans in the AFC South.

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This week, ESPN released their post-NFL Draft power rankings and lo and behold, the Texans are out of the basement, ranked No. 28. Which is up from No. 32, when the first rankings came out post-free agency.

Another interesting note about the power rankings, the Jets are now behind the Texans after having what was considered to be an all-time great draft haul. Be sure to check out the video as we make sense of these updated rankings, and debate Texans vs Jags, Davis Mills vs. Zach Wilson, and much more!

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