The Rockets aren't out of options quite yet

Rockets fans were expecting big things this offseason and NBA free agency has not disappointed in general, but Houston fans have to be a little underwhelmed with the lackluster results.

All is not lost, there are quite a few additions and tweaks the Rockets can make that will improve the team and help them make another deep playoff run next season.

Charlie Pallilo, Raheel Ramzanali, and Jake Asman take a look at some remaining free agents, and discuss if a trade for Russell Westbrook would be a good move for Houston.

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ProFootballTalk's Mike Florio talks with Chris Simms about the latest information regarding Deshaun Watson and the cases against him. Lawyer Tony Buzbee told Fox 26's Mark Berman that a settlement is not close to happening, and the women that spoke with the NFL did not feel respected.

So what do we make of this? Florio's opinion is that Buzbee is making these comments to put pressure on Deshaun Watson and the NFL, because stirring up this "hornet's nest" will blow back on Watson and the NFL, not Buzbee and his clients. Buzbee must believe that stirring the pot could help nudge the cases toward resolution in a more timely manner.

Finally, Florio spells out how the game is played with lawyers. Meaning, Rusty Hardin and his team are going to make this process as uncomfortable as possible for all the accusers. According to Florio, that's right out of the legal playbook if such a thing existed.

Check out the video to hear Florio's full take on the latest information.

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