This WandaVision/Texans crossover is straight fire, and will blow your mind

For those that are watching WandaVision, you already know about the huge twist that went down in the most recent episode. Be sure to check out the video above that takes the same premise and applies it to the Texans and Jack Easterby. And if you aren't watching WandaVision, you'll still get a kick out of it. Space City Sports did a great job of putting this together. Enjoy!

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On the heels of 2 blowout wins by the Astros over the Red Sox in the ALCS, some Boston media members have now resorted to silly and baseless accusations of cheating. This is one video you don't want to miss as we lay out how ridiculous and hypocritical these claims really are.

Presented by Fitz Roofing.

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