Week 1 NFL football weather report - Thursday night special

Weather could be a factor in Philadelphia.

These days there is so much fantasy football and gambling information available to the masses that it is tough to find information that really gives you an edge. Well I am here to hopefully change that for you.  How many of your opponents take the weather conditions into account when setting their lineups for the week? My guess is none. However you, yes you the discerning SportsMap reader will now have that information available to help you gain every fantasy point possible.

Each week I will be providing information on which games are likely to be impacted by adverse weather conditions that could have an affect on players or schemes.  I hope you will stop by each week so that on gameday you aren’t caught off guard to find your kicker is dealing with 30 mph winds or your receivers are playing in a snowstorm.

In order to provide them most accurate information you will likely find this piece on Fridays, however if there is weather likely to impact the Thursday night game you will find a Thursday Night Special Edition of this report covering that Thurdsay night game. So with that said….


Falcons @ Eagles – 7:20 p.m. (Central time) – Right off the bat we may see some weather issues affect the season opener. A front entering the Philadelphia region Thursday evening will bring a not-insignificant chance of rain and thunderstorms.  At the moment it appears the strongest storms may die down before reaching the stadium but light to moderate rain showers could still drift overhead an hour or two into the game. However, it is within the realm of possibility that storms get close enough to cause a lightning delay around kickoff time or slightly thereafter.  If some heavier rain does indeed reach the stadium it could make a bit of a mess of the natural grass field. A wet field coupled with the fact that it is the first game of the season could have a slightly negative impact on lower rung receivers. Wind does not look to be a significant impact for kickers. While the wind will be shifting directions with the passage of the front during the game speeds do not look to be noteworthy.

Check back tomorrow for information regarding the rest of the Week 1 games as the remains of Tropical Storm Gordon could make for some very wet conditions at a few game sites.

For more weather information and updates to the forecast, or if you have questions about specific games or players (including college football), find me on Twitter @stephenuzick.


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