Week 2 standings for the Gow Media show host gambling challenge

The Gow media competition. Gow Media


Show host            Selections                                                                        Record

1. B. Laminack        Wake Forest -17.5-W, New England -6.5-W                            3-0

2. Jerry Bo               Miss. St. -8-W, OU/UCLA O60-W, Denver -3-P                 2-0-1

2. Josh Jordan         Georgia -10-W, Miss. St. -7-W, Denver -3-P                        2-0-1

4. Fred Faour           FIU -1- W, Detroit -6.5-L                                                             2-1

4. Jong Lee                Hawaii -17.5-L, Cleveland +4- W                                              2-1

4. Joel Blank              OU/UCLA O64.5-W, NE/HOU O51-L                                    2-1

4. Charlie Pallilo        Kansas St. +8-L, LA Rams -4-W                                             2-1

4. Tyler Scott               Ohio St. -35-W, Cincinnati +3-W                                          2-1

4. R. Ramzanali          UNLV -24-W, PIT/CLE O45.5                                               2-1

4. Jermaine Every      Ala. -37-W, Clemson -13-L, LA Rams -4.5-W                     2-1

11. John Granato         UNLV -23.5-W, Denver -3-P                                               1-1-1

11. Lance Zierlein        Mizzou -18.5-W, Denver -3-P                                              1-1-1

13. AJ Hoffman            Liberty +10-L, Atlanta +3-L                                                   1-2

13. Patrick Creighton  Nevada +11-L, LA Rams -4-W                                                1-2

15. Nick Sharara          Kansas St. +7.5-L, Pittsburgh -4.5-L                                     0-3

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All 3 major sports teams in Houston appear to be in good hands.Composite image by Jack Brame.

Houston is a strange sports town, professionally speaking. Football is the undisputed king. That's evidenced by the undying love fans show the Texans. Baseball is second, even though the Astros most recently gave the city a title and have given them a consistent winner to cheer for since 2015. Basketball is a clear third, since fans won't show up to a Rockets' playoff game until after the game has started.

At one point, all three teams were competitive and provided the city with a good deal of excitement. They also had competent general managers, though not all at once. The Texans had Rick Smith, who some say was hit or miss, but he was by far the team’s best GM in their history. The measuring stick isn’t very high, but Smith normally hit on 1st rounders. Jeff Luhnow was in charge of the turnaround for the Astros. His work environment may have been contentious according to rumors, but he brought the city a World Series and built a consistent contender. Daryl Morey may have left a hot mess, but the Rockets were always in the playoffs. He was able to keep a winning team, while reshaping the roster.

Fast-forward to today, and the city has a competent GM in every major pro sports team at the same time. James Click has kept the Astros on the winning track. While the penalties for the sign stealing scandal were hefty, he’s managed to make some shrewd moves. Signing Yordan Alvarez before he hit arbitration and free agency was huge! If he can get Kyle Tucker locked up as well, he’s definitely on the right track. Not going crazy over losing key guys and trusting his process has paid off handsomely so far.

Rafael Stone has had the best luck of all. It started very rocky for him by having to deal James Harden and Russell Westbrook at the beginning of his tenure. The return on investment was initially laughed at and thought to be pennies on the dollar.

Considering they drafted four 19-year-olds last draft (headlined by Jalen Green who looks like the real deal), taking a chance on Kevin Porter Jr, landing Jabari Smith Jr in this draft (Tari Eason not to be forgotten), and the inevitable collapse of the Nets, I think Stone has done well for himself. He may not have had the ideal background for the job (he was a lawyer by trade), he’s done well so far in trying to build this team back into a contender. If these kids develop and grow together, I think they can be what Boston and Golden State have been: a homegrown team contending year in and year out.

Nick Caserio of the Texans had perhaps the tallest mountain to climb. The quarterback position is the most important. He inherited one of the best young QBs in the league, but he also inherited his desire to leave and his alleged bizarre fetish that led to civil lawsuits. Some thought the haul he got was fair, while others thought it wasn’t enough. Did I mention his predecessor left the team in cap hell? Through it all, Caserio has managed to turn this team around and has them headed in the right direction. If Davis Mills proves to be a competent QB, that’ll be HUGE! However, the draft capital they have moving forward will help them draft or trade for their franchise QB if Mills isn’t the guy.

While the Astros are the only team currently in contention, the Rockets and Texans are looking like they may not be too far behind if things continue going their way. I’d LOVE to have a sit-down with all three and talk about philosophy and strategy! Houston sports are in good hands with these guys. Here’s to hoping they keep it going!

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