Week 2 standings for the Gow Media show host gambling challenge

The Gow media competition. Gow Media


Show host            Selections                                                                        Record

1. B. Laminack        Wake Forest -17.5-W, New England -6.5-W                            3-0

2. Jerry Bo               Miss. St. -8-W, OU/UCLA O60-W, Denver -3-P                 2-0-1

2. Josh Jordan         Georgia -10-W, Miss. St. -7-W, Denver -3-P                        2-0-1

4. Fred Faour           FIU -1- W, Detroit -6.5-L                                                             2-1

4. Jong Lee                Hawaii -17.5-L, Cleveland +4- W                                              2-1

4. Joel Blank              OU/UCLA O64.5-W, NE/HOU O51-L                                    2-1

4. Charlie Pallilo        Kansas St. +8-L, LA Rams -4-W                                             2-1

4. Tyler Scott               Ohio St. -35-W, Cincinnati +3-W                                          2-1

4. R. Ramzanali          UNLV -24-W, PIT/CLE O45.5                                               2-1

4. Jermaine Every      Ala. -37-W, Clemson -13-L, LA Rams -4.5-W                     2-1

11. John Granato         UNLV -23.5-W, Denver -3-P                                               1-1-1

11. Lance Zierlein        Mizzou -18.5-W, Denver -3-P                                              1-1-1

13. AJ Hoffman            Liberty +10-L, Atlanta +3-L                                                   1-2

13. Patrick Creighton  Nevada +11-L, LA Rams -4-W                                                1-2

15. Nick Sharara          Kansas St. +7.5-L, Pittsburgh -4.5-L                                     0-3

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Carlos Beltran missed out on his first opportunity to be inducted in the Hall of Fame this week, and we discuss how his involvement in the 2017 sign-stealing scandal may have played a role.

Plus, are we seeing a turning of the tide with national baseball writers and their opinion of the Houston Astros?

Bob Nightengale wrote this about Carlos Beltran and the Hall of Fame recently:

But we’re really going to ignore all of that and admonish him for participating in the Astros’ sign-stealing scandal.
Are we going to do the same with everyone who played for the Red Sox and Yankees during those years, too, when they were fined and disciplined for the illegal use of Apple Watches and dugout phones to relay signs?
Should we hold that against future Hall of Famer Justin Verlander, who obviously didn’t benefit from the sign stealing as a pitcher, but didn’t tell his teammates to stop it?
Enough already.
We’re not talking about performance-enhancing drugs here. Sign stealing has been going on for the past 100 years. There are teams who have used hidden cameras for years. Team employees flashed signs from outfield seats and scoreboards.

Check out the video above as we break it all down.

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