WWE Struggles to find any rhythm at all


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Raw yet again felt off balance with it kicking off with another chapter in the Roman Reigns rivalry with Shance McMahon with their match set to be in Saudi Arabia this coming weekend. It was immediately followed by The Miz coming out and helping Seth Rollins cut dual promos against both Brock Lesnar and Baron Corbin, but wait? Didn't The Miz have a massive rivalry with Shane? He didn't want to run out and help Roman against Shane? This is confusing. Raw overall has been confusing, everything from the Lucha House Party three on one match against Lars Sullivan to Rey Mysterio giving the US title directly back to Samoa Joe, I didn't know that was allowed. It feels like everything is just going crazy right now like whoever is spinning the plates is losing focus is kind of how it feels. With the Saudi Arabia event building up to literally this Friday they finally decided to put Triple H into the ring with Randy Orton and let the two of them say anything at all publicly and then also had The Undertaker issue vague threats to Goldberg who wasn't even on Raw. The beating on Seth Rollins from Brock Lesnar was brutal but honestly it wasn't all that interesting, Rollin's title match is against Baron Corbin but everyone knows Lesnar is lurking somewhere back stage, which makes the match less important it feels like.

Smackdown turned up the confusion a little bit more by beginning to push the next pay per view event which is apparently only two weeks away? What? We haven't even had this event yet and already Smackdown is talking about something new that's two weeks away? Shance McMahon at one point calls out Roman Reigns while he's in the ring with the Revival and for some reason Roman comes out by himself and takes yet another beating, why on earth would he even agree to do that? Finn Balor made his first appearance in about two weeks and he ran into the ring and took a very fast beating from Andrade, why would they even do that? Perhaps one of the most annoying parts of Smackdown was Lars Sullivan speaking for the first time and when asked why he's been mugging people for two weeks he asks if someone would ask the Nightingale why it sang it's sweet song. What? Who is he supposed to be, wrestling's Hannibal Lector? Perhaps the biggest highlight was Alexa Bliss winning a triple threat match to be the Number 1 contender for the Smackdown Women's Title.

Overall both Smackdown and Raw are feeling more and more like a mess and to me the biggest question I have at this point, is how long are matches like Triple H and Randy Orton or Undertaker and Goldberg going to be able to keep people's attention?

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The Texans didn't have an answer for Derrick Henry. Photo by Frederick Breedon/Getty Images

Romeo Crennel made a valorous call that might have costed the Houston Texans from winning their second consecutive game on Sunday. Up by seven with 1:50 left in the fourth quarter, Crennel decided to call a two-point conversion following Deshaun Watson's one-yard touchdown pass to Brandin Cooks.

During the two-point conversion, Watson had a look at an open Randall Cobb, but Titans' defensive tackle Jeffery Simmons got a hand on the ball to deflect the pass. The failed conversion allowed the Titans to take a 42-36 victory over the Texans inside Nissan Stadium. Tennessee scored 13 unanswered points, which included a seven-yard touchdown pass from Ryan Tannehill to A.J. Brown to send the game into overtime.

"I think I would do it again," Crennel said during his media availability on Monday. "You are on the road against a divisional opponent who is undefeated, and if you could get that two-point conversion — you shut the door on them. We had a guy open, but unfortunately, the ball got tipped and we did not make it. I would do it again because it was a good choice."

The decision to not kick the field goal caused somewhat of an uproar, but it is understandable why Crennel made the call. Crennel had faith in Watson to put the Texans in a position to close the game, similar to his 4th-and-4 call during last week's victory over the Jacksonville Jaguars.

In the end, Crennel's risky decisions could stem from the lack of faith he has in the Texans' depleted defense.

Houston's defense hit an all-time low against the Titans. They gave up a franchise-worst 601 total yards — with Derrick Henry accounting for 212 yards on 22 carries. But despite their struggles against the run, the Texans' secondary were just as faulty. They gave up a total of 338 yards through the air and allowed Tannehill to go 8-for-9 down the field during the Titans' final drive of regulation.

Had Houston's defense made a stop during the closing seconds of the fourth quarter, the Texans could have ended the game 2-0 under their interim head coach.

"I wanted to go ahead and get the two points — I felt like that would have put the game out of reach for them," Crennel said. "If we had gotten it, we would have been in much better shape. But we did not get it. We did not perform well in overtime, and they [Titans] won the game."

Following Sunday's heartbreaking loss, Texans safety Justin Reid said it best, "Had we converted on the two-point conversion, this would be a totally different conversation. So it is what it is."

Up next, the 1-5 Texans will look to bounce back from defeat against the 4-1 Green Bay Packers, inside NRG Stadium on Sunday. Kick-off is at 12:00 PM CT.

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