This answer to Astros recent struggles could be crazy enough to work

If you've seen the movie Major League, you know where this is going. Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images.

The Astros are doing Astro things as of late. If you're a true fan of the team, you know exactly what I mean. For the uninformed, they've been beating the good teams and losing to the bad teams. Over their last 10 games, they're 4-6 with two of those four wins coming against the Mariners who are 10 games above .500 on the season. Five of those six losses came against teams that are a combined 14 games under .500 on the season! This is the source of so much frustration for Astros fans. For a team that has the potential to win a World Series, they sure don't play like one when facing subpar competition. It's time we find a solution, and I think I got one!

If any of you remember the movie Major League, you have to remember the character Pedro Cerrano. He was the Cuban slugger that had trouble hitting the curveball. When in trouble, Cerrano would turn to Jobu, his voodoo doll that helped him out of any jam. Cerrano would drink Jobu's rum in an attempt to recover from whatever type of slump he was in. I think it's high time the Astros find their version of Jobu's rum, so they can break out of the doldrums of losing to teams they should beat up on.

The only question is: who's going to be the Astro to bring forth Jobu's rum and break them out of this vicious cycle? Alex Bregman may be one of the answers. He's been on the injured list and popping up here and there on social media, as well as in varying reports speaking on his potential return to the Astros' lineup. And now we know his first game back is against the Royals on Wednesday afternoon.

Perhaps Justin Verlander is feeling good enough to start to travel with the team and that gives them enough motivation to snap out of it. Verlander is recovering from offseason Tommy John surgery and has been out since last season. What if the future Hall Of Famer decided to be there for his teammates in person? I can't imagine the effect it would have on his teammates and coaching staff! While it would be a shot in the arm, it isn't as realistic as we'd all hope.

One other guy who's been seen as the face of the team has been Carlos Correa. He's been the defiant face of the franchise following the cheating scandal. He also took a leadership role during their improbable run in the 2020 playoffs. His contract demands may price him out of Houston this coming offseason, but he still wears orange and blue until this season is over and done with!

The most likely source of Jobu's rum for this Astros team is from within. Each player, coach, exec, field worker, front office staff, server, etc. will all have to step their game up a notch or ten. There is no more waiver wire trade deadline. There are no guys in the minors who have superstar potential to call up. There aren't any future Hall of Fame free agents sitting on their sofas awaiting a call. Getting fully healthy and developing consistency is this team's hope moving forward. Each man will have to look in the mirror and pull something from deep inside, as well as aiding others with doing the same. The sip of Jobu's rum will have to come from within those four walls in downtown at Minute Maid Park. Who's going to step up and provide that spark?

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