Blame game: Why the Rockets defense is a mess


The season is just getting started for the Rockets, but the theme of not being able to defend is starting to become quite evident.

It's easy to just blame the players for their lack of performance on defense, but the coaches and front office have to be held accountable too.

ESPN 97.5's Joel Blank weighs in on who deserves the most blame for the team's defensive woes. Point Blank is presented by Fitz Roofing.

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Is CJ Stroud talking too much? Composite image by Brandon Strange.

It's no secret that Texans QB CJ Stroud is causing quite the social media storm for his comments about the top quarterbacks in the league.

Stroud is taking some heat for his views on Aaron Rodgers specifically, and that has people like Pat McAfee and Mike Florio wondering if this could be a problem for the Texans moving forward.

The thought being, Stroud is ruffling some feathers across the league and placing a bullseye on his back. Traditionally, players wouldn't talk about other athletes during their career publicly. But media has changed and plenty of active players have their own podcasts where they say whatever is on their minds.

In Stroud's case, he's answered some questions honestly about football, something he knows a lot about by the way. Stroud is a football nerd and lives to play and talk about ball. Which is a good thing in our eyes.

If you saw his Bleacher Report YouTube video with Cowboys' Micah Parsons during the NFL Draft, you know what we're talking about. It was amazing to see how much Stroud knew about so many NFL prospects in the 2024 NFL Draft.

What does JJ Watt think?

With so many shows doing segments about CJ, and his supposed criticism of Aaron Rodgers, it's no surprise that Pat McAfee took an opportunity to ask JJ Watt about it.

When asked, Watt said he was fine with it. As long as you back it up in sports, there's no problem. But you do welcome criticism when you put yourself out there in the public eye. Watt certainly knows a thing or two about that. JJ also said making public comments like CJ's can be a good thing, because it puts pressure on yourself to perform.

Chris Simms loves him some Aaron Rodgers

NBC Sports' Mike Florio and Chris Simms also took issue with Stroud's willingness to honestly assess current players. Especially Jets QB Aaron Rodgers. They defended Rodgers at seemingly every turn.

Which got us thinking, why is Aaron Rodgers some sacred cow that's above reproach all of a sudden. CJ said many positive things about Rodgers, he was just more impressed with Matthew Stafford and Eli Manning.

Sure, it’s okay for Rodgers to go on podcasts weekly during the season, and discuss conspiracy theories publicly on his own time. But Stroud is the problem for sharing his opinions about football in the offseason?

Finally, what would the response be if Stroud was openly talking about taking Ayahuasca?

Be sure to watch the video above as we answer all these questions and much more!

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