Bookie Busters: The Cash Cow gets fatter with more winners

Yes, this is a real live (OK not alive) cash cow. Martin Hospatch/Getty Images


I know, I know, by now it's getting old and here we go again.


Who doesn't like money? We left off on an 81% run, gaining 78.5 U last week.

Wednesday and Thursday saw us absolutely murder the books, again

Frankfurt 5U MAX    WIN +5

Dortmund o5UMAX WIN +5

Dortmund TT WIN +3

Arsenal o MAX WIN +3

Arsenal TT O MAX WIN +3

Barca MAX LOSS  -3.6

R. Madrid BTTS LOSS -2.4

Even the People’s parlay WIN +4.8

Arsenal O WIN

West ham over WIN

Frankfurt over WIN


Sporting Cristal Over 2.5 MAX WIN  +3

Vikings TT Over 26.5 MAX   WIN +3

Vikings TT over 30.5 MAX    WIN +3

Vikings +7.5 MAX WIN  +3

Vikings 2nd Half TT over 10 MAX WIN +3

Teaser Vikings and under MAX LOSS -3.8

2nd half over MAX LOSS -3.3

Bayern Over LOSS
+25.7   73.3%   add that to our previous 81% and 75.5 U. Keeping bets 1-5U

+101.2U    77.1% KILLER!

Before we continue, a quick note. Please don't go outside of the box now that you have a big bankroll. Don't up the units just because we are hot. Law of averages and ups and downs happen; enjoy the cash and stay focused.

Champions League

Man City / Hoff

Over1.5 First Half  MAX 3U


Peoples Parlays   1U

Lyon ML

Bayern Over 3.5

City -1.5


Parlay 1U

Benfica Pk

City/Hoff First half over 1.5

Lyon Over 2.5



South America Copa

River MAX 5U  

Over 2   2U



Play of the day listed at SGP



Stay Updated, this is going to be a huge weekend.

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