Bookie Busters continues on an amazing run

Bookie Busters is making life miserable for the books. Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Guess who's back? The Bookie Busters cash machine and boy are we rolling. We are in the prime of the sports seasons with all types of action going off. The volume we throw out is 75-100 plays a week and still, we are hitting over 70% for over eight weeks. It's been tough to gauge all the live plays so Im planning on starting to organize things a little different to make it easier.

I'll try and post UPDATE and the time next to each new play in bold in hope of helping things sort out better since its a rolling column.

Last week read 142.9U  +24.6 + 167.5

+167.5 is what we will carry with us and I'm short changing myself all my wins from the huge NFL/NCAA weekend and Champions League. The new updates should make it easier to keep up with but the live plays skew everything and they are impossible to list on here and get updated at the same numbers.


DC United/Tor
Over 3   5U MAX


Astros ML first 5 innings -140   5U MAX BANG
Astros -155    5U MAX BANG

10/18  UPDATE
Kirk Receptions over 3.5 5U MAX
Kirk   yards over 51 yards 3U
Prop of the night
Game over 4.5 sacks    5U MAX

Astros -1   -140 MAX 5U

76ers first half TT over 59.5    1U

Chelsea ML   3U
Hoffenheim at Nurnberg
Over 3 5U MAX 5U
RB Leipzig at Augsburg
Over 2.5  MAX 5U
Bournemouth/ Southampton
over 2.5 2U

Virginia +7    2U
Hawaii -3    2U
Auburn -4  (seeing 4.5 some places get to 4)   5U

Liverpool   Salah scores anytime 5U
Peru Soccer
Garcilaso game Over 3  MAX 5U

Rockets -2.5 3U MAX
Update   6:23 PM CST
Utah -7   5U MAX

KC TT Over 31 -127   5U typo it was a 5*  grade it 3 or 5 same to me. Just look at the 5 key its %
KC TT First half Over 16  3U
Watkins Over 3,5 receptions   5U MAX
Kelce TD 3U MAX
Mahomes Rush TD 1U +380

KC ML 3rd Q  (no spread)  MAX 5U -137
KC TT over 14  2nd half MAX 5U
KC scores next -180  1U

Monday 10/22 UPDATE  CST 1:30 PM CST
Arsenal/Lei City
Over 3      3U MAX

UPDATE    10/23 1:10 PM   CST
Ajax game over 2.5 3U MAX
Peoples Parlay   1u
Ajax game over 2.5
Lyon game over 3
Juventus pk draw no bet
Parlay #2   1U
Manchester City game Over 3
Ajax game over 2.5
Roma ML
Juventus TT over 1
Parlay #3   1U
Roma ML
Juventus TT over 1
Lyon game Over 3
Off the wall parlay Risk .5 U
Ajax draw +300
Lyon game over 3
Manchester City game over 3.5  5U MAX


Wednesday  10/24
Champions League is back!

Red Star vs Liverpool
1st Half over 1.5   5U MAX   winner


Brugge vs Monaco

Over 2.5   -130 1u  LOSS

Dortmund/ Atl  -125  BTTS  3U MAX  LOSS

Tottenham BTTS and over 2.5   5U MAX  winner 

BTTS  2U   winner

Over 3   2U winner

Live over PSG 3-3.5   5U  winner


Parlay #1     1U  lose

Monaco Over 2.5

Dort/Atl    BTTS

PSG Over 3


UPDATE  10/25  11:22 am   CST


Leipz/ Celtic

Over 3    5U MAX BOMB


For any questions or comments reach me @JerryBoKnowz Twitter.

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Another tough loss for Houston. Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images.

The Houston Texans lost again as their road game ineptitude continues. Former Texans stars DeAndre Hopkins and J.J. Watt helped the Cardinals to the 31-5 victory.

1. The lack of talent is getting exposed earlier and earlier each week. The Texans have seen games slip away faster and faster from them each week. The team is overmatched almost everywhere.

2. Penalties remain a problem for the Texans. It seems like clockwork the team gets an illegal motion or illegal formation each week. Jordan Akins torpedoed a drive with a chop block. Max Scharping erased a positive play with a hold.

3. Davis Mills had some solid moments, but again, this team isn't good. It is hard to assess Mills with this team. He's making quicker decisions but he doesn't have the time or the players to make big plays.

4. The offensive line stinks. The interior of the line is still a mess and with Laremy Tunsil down the edges find themselves shaky as well. The running backs don't block well. The blocking tight ends don't block well. It is bad football in what was supposed to be a much-improved unit.

5. Desmond King was the best returner in the preseason. The team elected to give Andre Roberts an opportunity for a few games, but with his departure, the duties went to King. King is the most successful returner the Texans have had in a long while. Yes, it is that clear after just one game.

6. Max Scharping was benched in favor of Justin McCray. McCray produced similar levels of success. Scharping was benched last year for a journey-man veteran as well. The former second-round pick isn't getting it done.

7. Speaking of former second-round picks, Lonnie Johnson had an interception. That was the highlight of his day. Otherwise, Johnson frequently has me asking "what is Lonnie Johnson doing?" The former second-round pick at cornerback has been less than impressive at safety. Johnson seems to frequently be out of position or making the wrong choice in coverage.

8. DeAndre Hopkins had a solid day against the team that traded him away. Hopkins hauled in seven catches for 53 yards and a touchdown. After he scored, Hopkins looked to bring his hands together and mimic a prayer motion. I don't anticipate this was a nod to Arian Foster but perhaps could this have been about Jack Easterby?

9. The Texans had some sacks, but little of that action came when the game was close. Jonathan Greenard added two sacks to his total. The success Greenard is having is frustrating when you consider he couldn't get on the field last season. Charles Omenihu returned to action and had some pressures for the defense.

10. During the game reports surfaced that the Panthers might be interested in trading for Deshaun Watson. It was also reported by the Houston Chronicle Watson had vetoed a trade to Philadelphia, so the Eagles will not be involved in the Watson sweepstakes. The Panthers can only trade two first-round picks. The Miami Dolphins have three first-round picks they can trade for Deshaun Watson.

11. The Texans decided on a "culture" head coach in David Culley. His team has looked lifeless on the road. While the Texans took their beating, the Lions gave it their all against a good Rams team. Detroit is winless, but they play harder and better than the Texans. It grows clearer each week "culture" is meaningless if the team can't win.

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