Bookie Busters: Divisional weekend = addition to the bankroll

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A Wild card weekend that was exactly that; WILD.

The theme of the weekend, the lonesome kicker.

We had some big swings in our betting go down to the bickers. But again, I stress the importance of being able to sustain variance. You cant do anything about bad breaks, part of being a good gambler is not getting too high or too low, no matter the situation.

Last weeks plays

Clippers/Suns SMALL play

First half over 119.5 1U -1

Zeke Over 5.5 receptions 1U -1.7
Dallas 5U MAX 2nd half -5.5

Teaser 7point kidney play -10.2

Colts +8
Over 41.5

T.Cohen pass receptions over 3½ 2U -2.4

Teaser 6 point 3U -3.6
Chargers +8.5
Bears -.5


Over 3 field goals 2U +2

Bears -5.5 for game 5U MAX -5.5


Under 28 first half 2U -2.2

Bama first Q ML1U -1.7

Bama first half -3 1U -1.1

First Half Over 45.5 live 5U +5

Bama+22 -3.3

Over 73 -3.3

H Town Trifecta

Denver Nuggets at Houston Rockets Over 215.5 1U +1

Nuggets Over 107 1U +1

Rockets over 108.5 1U +1

Clemson TT over 13 8U Kidney Push
3rd Q over 13,5 -9.6

Nantes/Mont Over 2 2U PUSH
Nantes PK draw no bet 1U +1


Tottenham Pk DNB 8U +8



First half over 1 2U PUSH

Tottenham TT over 1.5 2U -2

Over 2.5 5U -6

BTTS and Over 2.5 2U -2.2

Dele anytime goal 1U -1

First Q Over 58.5 2U +2
Sixers 3rd Q TT over +1
Wolves Over 27.5 TT first Q 1U +1
Sixers first Q over 59.5 +1
Thunder/Wolves -3.3
Suns 3rd -5.5

-47.2 Last article read +64U 64- 47.2= +16.8U


New Plays
Celtics -2.5 first Q 2U


Celtics -7 3U MAX


Rockets/Bucks first half over 111.5 3U MAX


Nebraska TT over 33.5 first half 2U



3rd Q Over 55.5 2U

Nuggets TT over 120.5 2U

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The Astros won the AL West. Again! Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

The Houston Astros clinched their fifth American League West Championship in the past six seasons on Monday when they defeated Tampa Bay 4-0.

Houston’s success the past few years include a World Series championship, three AL championships and five straight ALCS appearances. The Astros are almost guaranteed to be the No. 1 seed in the AL again this postseason. However, the Astros’ success has been long overshadowed by the sign stealing scandal in 2017.

Despite the public backlash, loss of key players and change in leadership, there has been one constant — Houston keeps winning. With yet another season in which the Astros dominated the AL West, it looks like the team is beginning to give outsiders no choice but to acknowledge that they are just that good. 2017 was not an aberration. It was the beginning, and national media is catching on.

In an article from Deadspin’s Sam Fels, he brought up what Astros fans know more than anyone else. When the team has success, and posts about it on social media specifically, people are quick to dismiss it due to the five-year-old cheating scandal.

The irony is that Houston was not alone in stealing signs, which Fels mentioned. Both the New York Yankees and Boston Red Sox have been linked to doing similar deeds. Boston even brought back their manager after he was punished for it. The difference, however, is that the Astros have never fallen off the mountain top.

Five straight seasons have seen Houston make it to the ALCS, which might just have to be renamed the Astros invitational at some point. Not even the Los Angeles Dodgers, who are the closest team that has mirrored the Astros’ success can boast that in the National League.

Houston’s done it with the core that won the 2017 World Series, and they’ve done it with new players too. Trey Mancini, who only recently joined the Astros at the trade deadline, told’s Brian McTaggart the team’s culture is just different.

Everyone wants their team to be the Astros, that’s what everyone is really angry about, Fels said in his article. Deadspin is one of the first, and if Houston keeps winning, other national outlets, even those based in Los Angeles and New York, will have no choice but to acknowledge that as well.

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