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Bookie Busters: Final fantasies

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Leading up to the summer international tournaments, you try to align your schedule and the method off attack from an overall view. Treating the group stages and the knockout rounds the same can cost you severely; in fact it can diminish your bankroll. .

When you put together your summer soccer schedule, the date July 7th, 2019 stood out strongly. A day for three finals, a fantasy.

Women's World Cup Final- check

Copa America Final-check

Gold Cup Final- check

What more can you ask for of futbol? Saturday also gives us some third place matches where motivation will be the key factor, stay tuned for plays!

Good luck

New Plays

Coming soon

Last dance 


Over 1FH 5U

USA TT over 1 5U

Game over 2 5U


Pulisic goal 2U

245 CST

Brazil and under 3.5 5U MAX

First goal a header .5 +450

Brazil Corner kicks over 6.5 3U

Roberto Firmino scores goal 1U

HT update 353 

Brazil TT over 3 5U MAX I'm hitting it twice

Brazil -1.5 5U MAX I'm hitting it twice

727 CST  7/6  UFC 

Luke Rockhold wins by TKO/KO 1U +236

405 CST


152 CST

​African Cup

Egypt -1 5U

Previous Plays

Brazil /Argentina

Over 2 5U

Brazil ML 5U

USA/England FH over 1 5U

Smash those overs in the Germany/Spain U21

game Over 5U 2.5

FH Over 15U

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