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Bookie Busters: Jingle bell cash

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Learning to win in life is easy, many can do it. But, how does one react when facing adversity?

In gambling, one must learn to cope with the bad breaks that happen in games and try to reset themselves before proceeding. I say reset because a gambler must try to clear their mind of any previous beats and treat the next game clean, with nothing else in mind but the next wager. Don't beat yourself up over past losses, clean it up and get back to winning.

Previous article

Nurnberg vs. Wolfsburg
Over 3 1U -1
Thunder/Nuggets -1
Over 218.5
Texans turnovers committed +.5 -140 +1


BTTS and over 2.5 -1

Over 3.5 -1


Dortmund over 3 -1

West ham over 2.5 -1


Texans TT over 24 MAX 5U +5

MAX BOMB TEASER 5U 7 point +5

Texans pk

Browns +10 (9.5 at some spots)


Texans -2.5 2nd half 2U -2.2

J Landry over 4.5 receptions MAX 3U -4.5

P Lindsay over 76.5 rushing yards 2U -3

TD 2U -2.5

Browns first Q +.5 5U MAX +5

NJoku TD 1U +200 -1

Browns +3 bomb 5U +5

10 point teaser 5U -6
Pitt/NE Over 44.5
Packers bears Over 36.5
Rams -3

7 point tease 3U +3
Vikings -2
Ravens -2.5
Colts-3 5U BOMB +5

10 point teaser 5U -6
Pitt/NE Over 44.5
Packers bears Over 36.5
Rams -3

Parlay ML 1U -1
Liverpool ML

Teaser 10 point 5U -6
Steelers +12.5
Over 45.5
Rams -3

2nd half over 23 -120 5U -5.5

Rams TT first half over 16.5 5U -5.5
over 32 game 5U -5

Z.Ertz scores a receiving TD 1U -1
Rams -6.5 2nd half -1

Saints TT over 28 5U -5.5
M Thomas Over 6.5 rec 1U +1

Borussia Monchengladbach Half Time 5U -6.5

Club World Cup

River Plate -1 5U MAX -8

TT over 2 5U MAX +5

Game over 2.5 MAX +5

Dortmund +.5 5U -6

Game over 2.5 5U+5

Last article read 265.2U - 29.3 +235.9

First big loss of the year. Couldn't get much going our way, the live bets didn't come through as well (remember we don't tally our live bets as we cant all be on the same page). If there are any mistakes, blame me for my bad math, not for cheating. Remember our live bets are not graded but you cant find those on my page as it's tough to gauge who gets live lines where.

It's a new week, time to get going in the right direction for the holidays. Good luck. Happy holidays!!

New Plays


Celtics -11.5 1U
Warriors -3.5 1U


Hoff/Werder Bremen

Both teams score and over 2.5 5U MAX BOMB

First half over 1.5 1U


Hoffenheim/ Bremen

Game over 3 3U

Draw +330 risk 1/2 unit +350

1U Parlay

B Munuch ML -155

Hoff game over 3

Sixers 3rd Q over 29.5 5U

Bucks/Pelicans over 124.5 fH 5U

UPDATE 12/19 808 CST


3rd q over 55.5 5U MAX

UPDATE 12/19 841 CST

Blazers -5.5 1U

Oklahoma City Thunder at Sacramento Kings

first half over 118.5 2U

For any questions or comments reach me @JerryBoKnowz Twitter.

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