Bookie Busters midweek edition soccer plays

Alberth Elis will be in the MLS All-Star game, which is a play today. Photo by Wilf Thorne/Houston Dynamo

Sometimes, weekends turn magical and you go on incredible runs. Over Saturday and Sundays plays, we ran out +35 units while only risking 5U as our MAX plays. All plays found @Jerryboknowz.

Speaking of MAX plays, let's touch on some things. When we mention the word MAX, by no means am I insinuating dump out the account or max it out. We use the word for people who don't like to flat bet and like to step out of the box some. If you're a long-term gambler sticking to a unit system (or percentage) is vital to sustaining a bankroll.

Now, Let's be honest, some of the systems out there suggest never betting more than 1% of your bankroll. So to do that properly, if you had a $1000 bankroll, you are only making $10 wagers. Over time, this can suit you well, but for the novice bettor, moving the needle $10 at a time isn't exactly exciting.

So when I reference the word MAX, it's for those that choose to step out some and want the confidence behind the given picks I give out. If I'm extremely confident, that I'll tag it just that. If Im not overly confident but have a strong lean, a 1U play is what you will see.



International Champions Cup
Arsenal vs Chelsea

Over 2.5    3U -150

Copa Sudamericana
Botafogo RJ at Nacional Asuncion

Over 2 +115   1U

MLS All star game
MLS All stars vs Juventus

Over 3      3U


Peru primera
Unión Comercio vs Comerciantes Unidos

Unión Comercio  ML 3U

2 MAX PLAYS PENDING !!!!! Kick off Thursday

For any question or comments reach me @Jerryboknowz on Twitter


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