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Bookie Busters: Money in the bank

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Another profitable weekend for the Bookie Buster team, but they say you're only as good as your last bet, so on we go.

I've spoken about this summer and how much soccer we'll have to choose from, that all starts next week. So for now lets keep adding to our 5-1 NBA Finals record and close out the knockout rounds of the Under 20 World Cup.

Good Luck!

1-5U Scale on everything

New Plays

Coming soon


Spain FH -1.5 1U


England/Netherlands BTTS

Previous Plays 

France /USA First half over 1. 2U

Both teams score 1U

USA Team total over .5 1U

France TT over 1.5 2U

USA TT over 1 +230 1U

Warriors/Raptors Over 108.5 10U

Salah scores goal 3U

2nd half highest scoring 5U

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Lovie Smith has to shoulder some of the blame. Photo by Quinn Harris/Getty Images.

The Houston Texans lost yet another game as their own mistakes cost them. The Giants win over Houston 24-16. Here are 11 observations.

1. This team makes a lot of mistakes. It is a poorly coached team. Plenty of poor moments from this team keep it from achieving anything close to the consistency of winning football.

2. The offense is inconsistent. It lacks creativity, and some of the worst plays are the scripted ones to start the game. Pep Hamilton had a little pop here or there but success is marred by the trust of Rex Burkhead in key moments.

3. Davis Mills felt a little gun-shy today. He needs to pull the trigger on some of these opportunities. I would instead prefer a mistake down the field than succeeding short.

4. The offense needs to take attempts toward the sticks. The offense far too often is sitting there throwing well short of the sticks. It makes no sense.

5. Jordan Akins has been a nice surprise. He had a fantastic day in the passing game and is the best tight end in the receiving game. He’s playing the best football of his career.

6. Brevin Jordan being a healthy scratch says a lot. Jordan shouldn’t be a healthy scratch on a team lacking talent. None of these three tight ends who were active today were playing in training camp. Jordan was. Yikes.

7. Et tu Pitre? Jalen Pitre has been struggling the past few weeks. The rookie wall is here for him and he needs to pull out of it. The tackling prowess is there, he just hasn’t executed in recent weeks.

8. I was extremely disappointed in the defensive plan today. Lovie Smith loves to play zone coverage, but this was the team to play man coverage against. Derek Stingley is almost an afterthought on this defense, relegated to zone defense. It is a poor use of his skills, Steven Nelson’s talents, and the opportunity against the Giants today.

9. Christian Harris is fun to watch. You can see why the team was excited to draft him. I don’t know if he can ever be the best linebacker on a team, but if the Texans ever get a great linebacker, he will be a fantastic Robin to that player’s Batman.

10. Was anyone upset to see Brandin Cooks’ touchdown come off the board? Loaded question. I know. Kenyon Green has been sloppy these past few weeks more than you would like, but he’s the best left guard this team has had in years. There is something there. The Texans need to hope that jump happens for him.

11. The chase for the top pick got some help today. The Panthers had already won Thursday, but the Steelers and Lions won, putting a game between them and the Texans in the chase for the top spot in the draft. Houston will have to finish with fewer wins than all other teams to get the top spot based on their week one tie to the Colts.

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