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The time is here! We waited all season long to get down to the 4 playoff teams. Mix that in with Bowl season and the NFL season coming to a close and this time will easily dictate what your yearly numbers look like. Be careful, as motivation is something we have to factor when handicapping. Play smart and pick your spots.

New Plays

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Over 47 5U MAX bomb

Niners TT over 23.5 5U MAX

842 CST


2nd half over 108.5 5U MAX

12/28 1208


Always Ready vs Potosi


Previous Plays

Washington Wizards at Detroit Pistons over 228.5 5U MAX BOMB

First Q Over 59 1U

FH over 117.5 2U

Memphis Grizzlies at Oklahoma City Thunder

First Q over 55 4U

FH over 109 4U

Game over 224 5U MAX

Parlay 2u

Wash/Det over 228.5

Mem/OKC over 224

NCAAF Pitt TT over 30.5


Houston Rockets at Golden State Warriors Rockets first Q -3.5

2U First Q TT over 31.5

2U First Q over 59.5 4U

Rockets TT over 119 5U MAX

338 12/23

Central Florida-7 2nd half 5U MAX

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Everyone is talking about the Texans! Composite Getty Image.

The Houston Texans' additions this offseason certainly have not gone unnoticed. When a talented young core coming off a playoff victory adds Stefon Diggs, Danielle Hunter, and Joe Mixon, there's good reason to pay attention.

However, the Texans wouldn't be the first team to disappoint with a second-year quarterback looking to build off a tremendous rookie season. Add that to all the media rounds CJ Stroud is currently taking part in and one could see the Texans struggling to live up to expectations. Especially with a difficult first place schedule on the horizon.

ESPN's Shannon Sharpe isn't the only person to say expectations could be what derails Houston's season, it's a different ballgame when you're the one being hunted.

But Rich Eisen said something very interesting on his show this week about the Texans 2024 outlook that many Houston fans will want to hear. Eisen has no shortage of NFL insiders he can contact who have a finger on the pulse of what teams across the league are thinking.

One of those insiders is Sports Illustrated's Albert Breer. So, Eisen asked Breer what the consensus is among other insiders, coaches, and front office members across the league on the following question.

“Which team has pressed the most buttons properly to set themselves up for ultimate success this year?” And the answer Breer keeps hearing is the Houston Texans.

Which you have to love as a Texans fan, because this is coming from the people in the know. Not just media outlets looking to get pageviews. People that coach and run football organizations are all pointing to the Texans as the team that's doing it right.

Pretty amazing how much things can change in a year or two. Credit to GM Nick Caserio and head coach DeMeco Ryans.

In conclusion

At the end of the day, being set up for success doesn't guarantee the Texans anything. But it's the one thing they can control, and the reviews across the league speak for themselves.

To watch Eisen's discussion about the Texans, be sure to watch the video above!

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