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Bookie Busters: Pan caliente

Time to haul in some bread. Credit: Getty Images

Pan Caliente also known as HOT bread. At this point, the bread is so hot its become toasted. Same can be said for your bookie.

Some runs are impressive, some runs are memorable, but this one just flat out raised havoc. A moment of silence for your bookie; they are people too. Sometimes...

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Manchester Utd at Newcastle
Over 2.5 -1.3Nets live over first half +3Nets 3rd Q over +1
Celtics TT over 110.5 1U +1
Liverpool/ Man City
First Half over 1 Kidney play Push
Pool/city Over 2.5 for the game 3U MAX +3

Den/ SacOver 223.5 1U +1
Den/Sac 3rd Q Loss MAX -3.3
Warriors 3rd Q over 27.5 3U +3
warriors / Rockets Over 242.5 live 1U +1Over 119.5 first half 1U +1
Warriors TT over 117.5 1u +1
Warriors TT Over 32.5 1st q 1U +1-5.5 first Q +1


Started the year with +51.4 51.4 + 12.6 =+64U to start the year 31-6 Free play run. INSANE

New Plays

Clippers/Suns SMALL play

First half over 119.5 1U


Zeke Over 5.5 receptions 1U


Teaser 7point kidney play

Colts +8

Over 41.5


T.Cohen pass receptions over 3½ 2U

Teaser 6 point 3U

Chargers +8.5

Bears -.5


Over 3 field goals 2U


Halftime update

Bears -5.5 for game 5U MAX



Under 28 first half 2U


Bama first Q ML1U

Bama first half -3 1U


H Town Trifecta

Denver Nuggets at Houston Rockets Over 215.5 1U

Nuggets Over 107 1U

Rockets over 108.5 1U


Clemson TT over 13 8U Kidney



Nantes/Mont Over 2 2U

Nantes PK draw no bet 1U


Tottenham Pk DNB 8U



First half over 1 2U


Tottenham TT over 1.5 2U

Over 2.5 5U

First half over 1 2U

BTTS and Over 2.5 2U

Dele anytime goal 1U


First Q Over 58.5 2U

Update 814 CST

Thunder/ Wolves halftime

Over 240.5 3U MAX

Take it easy, plenty of spots I love in the next few days.

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Jovan Abernathy is an international marathoner and blogger. Check out her new blog, HTown Run Tourist. Follow her on Twitter @jovanabernathy. Instagram @HTownRunTourist. Facebook @jovanabernathy. Join her facebook group: H-Town Run Tourist

Six years ago, I got this great idea to become a tourist of Houston on foot. I had no idea what I was doing or where it was going. All I knew was to put on my running shoes, walk out the door, and just go. Go learn, go talk, go ask without judgements. What I found is that Houston was full of diversity. We all knew that. However, let yourself be immersed in it. Look and listen to the sounds of different languages being spoken around you. Smell the scents of the different cuisines. You would think you were in a foreign country. This made me more curious.

As I explored the emotion of curiosity, it led me to change my behavior. Where I might have rushed to this place and to the next, I took it slower. Where, usually, I would have just assumed that I already knew, I found myself asking more questions. When I asked more questions, I had to acknowledge that I did not already know, so I practiced listening. As I listened more, I felt compelled to show more appreciation to the person who interrupted their busy day to educate me. This made me feel grateful.

I took that gratitude and wanted to share with others. It blew my mind when people would say that they hated Houston. It was boring. The people are mean and it was ugly. And even more shocking was Houston is not walkable. Instead of getting offended, I decided to do my part in brightening up the day of the Houstonians who were stuck in a rut. Who saw and did the same things day after day. I didn't judge because I knew they could get out of that rut by simply deciding that today they do something different. I braced myself for rejection, but put myself out there to share the wonderful things that I had learned about Houston. Given the chance, the vast majority, was ready to learn a different way. This made me proud.

It is true that 2020 has been full of disasters. These are opportunities if we choose to see them that way. If anything that COVID-19 taught me the answer was not MORE, but it is LESS. We have the tendency to take on too much, we had the unique opportunity to take on less. Thus, instead of going to exhaustion, we had the opportunity to rest.

Then, the tragedy of the death of Houston's own George Floyd happened. It could not have happened at a worse time. My heart goes out to his family. Some might use it as an opportunity to work out their own frustrations by causing more problems with violence and looting. My hope is that whatever happens will be an expression of appropriate sadness, but with Houston's best attributes; curiosity, gratitude, and pride. Instead of LESS it is time for MORE. MORE curiosity. To see if Houston's law enforcement cares about the well-being of Houston's black community and make changes in protocols. MORE gratitude. For the opportunity to express the frustration in a peaceful way. MORE pride. To not destroy this city and give it over to violence possibly doing more damage to the economics of business owners. We can see this as the opportunity to take time to heal.

Houston has changed. As I restart my exploration, I'm not looking for LESS. I'm looking for MORE this time. I'm looking with MORE curiosity. Because I know that we have even MORE to show each other. I'm looking with MORE gratitude because we have endured so much already and there are better times ahead. And, I'm looking with MORE pride because just as we did it before, we still have it in us to do it again. I have one request: if you see me in the streets, promise me that you will say hello.

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