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Progress-Forward or onwardmovement, as toward a destination.

In a life of gambling, moving forward and progressing to your goal is the objective, especially right now when it's considered a slow time in sports. What goal?

Set one, a realistic bar, and try to get there weekly. Once you reach it, slow down and coast it in. I believe gambling weekly/monthly goals are a must as they give you structure. Sometimes early week results dictate how you bet throughout the week, whether it be chasing or pressing bets. Don't get caught up, have a personal vision for your bankroll and get there.

Good luck

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Brazil /Argentina

Over 2 5U

Brazil ML 5U

USA/England FH over 1 5U

Smash those overs in the Germany/Spain U21

game Over 5U 2.5

FH Over 15U

Colombia advance 5U

Colombia TT over 1 5U

Roger Martinez goal 1U

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