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Gone with the wins, a memory in the rear view is the 2018-19 Football season. It was a wild run for us here on Bookie Busters and I enjoyed every week of the action. With football season coming to an end, we now turn our focus into other sports.

The action never stops with us here at SportsMap, and we look to take our winning ways to the basketball court with the NBA second half of the season and March madness on the horizon. Champions League is also approaching and we have knockout rounds starting next week. The hustle never stops for us, I hope you enjoy the ride year long.

I'm always getting asked about individual sport records or which sports I believe I'm better at. So with football season coming to an end, this seems like a good breaking point for our record keeping. Going forward, Ill try and list the final records by sport. That way we can see where we are hot and where we need to improve. It will be more work this way but I really want to see where we are getting results.

Let's find some angles, It's Ball season

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BTTS over and 2.5 2U -2.4

First half over 1 3U PUSH

Update 533 CST

Northern Kentucky Team Total over73.5 5U +5

Virginia Tech at NC State

First half over 71.5 5U -5.5


Napoli game over 2.5 2U +2


Updated 1203CST


First half over 1.5 5U MAX -5.5



Equidad at Union Magdalena -

Over 2 3U -3.3


first half over 117.5 2U -2.2

C Hogan Over 3 rec 2U -2.6

First half under 27.5 8U +8

Brady Over 2 passing TD 8U -10.2


Patriots TT Over 16.5 5U -5.5

Pats ML- 125 2nd half ( so -3 game) 8U +8

Pool TT Over 2 5U -6

First half pool ML 1U -1.8

Over 3 1U -1.1

Parlay -1.1

Atalanta ML

Pool TT

FA CUP Barnet at Brentford

over 3 5U MAX +5

Dortmund-.5 2U -2.3

South America BOMB The Strongest -1 3U -3.4

The Strongest TT over 2 -3.3

5U First half over 1 7U HOT BREAD -8.4

Game over 2.5 7U HOT BREAD =7.7

MICHIGAN STATE (#9) @ ILLINOIS First half over 72.5 5U +5

Toronto Raptors at Philadelphia 76ers

3rd Q over 56 5U MAX -5.5

first half over 83.5 5U MAX +5

UNC TT FH Over 45.5 3U +3

Full game TT Over 91.5 3U +3

Game over 171.5 3U +3

Blazers -7.5 1U small play


UAEM Potros at Monarcas Morelia -

Over 2.5 5U +5

New Plays


425 CST

South America - Copa Libertadores



Green Bay vs Cleveland State

GB -2 fist half 1U



3rd Q over 56.5 3U -3.3

2nd half over 114 3U -3.3

TT over 121 .5 -3.3


Total Points O/U - Boston Celtics - Live 3rd Quarter TT 28.5 5U MAX -5.5

4th Q over 56.5 3U

Washington ML 2U

Live under 121.5 3U

Celtics FH TT over 63.5 +1

St. Francis PA over 44.5 TT first half 1U Live +1

Basketball 2-0 +13


3rd Q over 54.5 5U UPDATED +5

2nd half over 110 8U UPDATED +8

Soccer 2-0-1 +16

Bayern Game Over 3 8U +8

City -1.5 8U +8

TT Over 2 risk 10U PUSH

For any questions or comments reach me @JerryBoKnowz Twitter.

Be sure to check out my show MoneyLine with Josh Jordan on ESPN 97.5. We're on every Sunday from 10-noon, and we'll talk a lot of fantasy football and NFL gambling. Also, be sure to follow us @Moneyline975 on Twitter.

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Extremely positive Yordan Alvarez update from Astros opens door for landmark year

It's a new year for the Houston Astros as they return to action for their first game of the spring against the Washington Nationals on Saturday.

Every season we see some adjustments to the roster which means we also see some changes in leadership. As Astros fans, we're all aware of Alex Bregman and Kyle Tucker's contract situations. Breggy could be gone after the season, and Tucker could follow one year later.

Which means it's pretty clear who the leaders of the team will be for the foreseeable future. Not only are these guys two of the best players on the club, but they're also under contract for several more years. In Altuve's case, through the 2029 season. For Yordan, he won't sniff free agency until 2029.

While these guys aren't your typical vocal leaders, they are both highly respected and lead by example. Leadership is something that's front of mind for Yordan this season, according to The Athletic's Chandler Rome.

Another way to be a leader is to do everything you can to be available for your team. Alvarez changed his diet in the offseason hoping it will help him stay healthy this year.

Manager Joe Espada said Alvarez is fully healthy and he plans on playing him earlier than normal this spring.

Currently, Yordan is trending down in games played for three straight seasons. But he's such a great player that he needs fewer games to put up massive numbers.

He finished 3rd in MVP voting in 2022, and he only played in 135 games out of a possible 162.

So with that in mind, how many games does Yordan need to play this year to win an MVP?

Plus, who's going to protect him in the lineup? With new manager Joe Espada in place, it's hard to know what the lineup will look like.

One thing we do know, Espada immediately named Josh Hader his closer when spring training began. He also told the media that he wants Jeremy Pena to know where he's going to hit every day when he comes to the ballpark.

Espada values players knowing their roles, and getting comfortable in their routines. Something very different from last season when manager Dusty Baker moved Pena all over the lineup throughout the season.

So what does all this mean for Yordan?

Be sure to watch the video above as we break it all down!

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