Bookie Busters weekend edition: Money trees

Bookie Busters is on fire. Matthew Lewis/Getty Images


This might look like a repeat article, but no worries, no need to refresh the page. The Bookies have been busted, once again the team shined in an insane way this week.

Tuesday saw us run out +23 U on the tails of a 13-2 day hitting a 3-way parlay

Thursday was magical and we went 11-2      +22.5U

24-4  / 45.5U in 4 days risking 1-5 U       85.7%

Without further ado.... the weekend starts NOW!

Monday Night Football Prop Bet Buster

Ben Roethlisberger over 2 Passing TD   MAX   -120


Monday Night Teaser 6.5

Steelers +6.5 Over 48    MAX   -110 Ties Reduce

A.Brown pass receptions over 7½    1U  -140

J.James scores a receiving TD  Risk .5 U  +330





Over 2.5 MAX

Blackburn Rovers at Bournemouth

Over 2.5 MAX


Bournemouth 2nd half -.5    so -1.5 for game 1U


UPDATE  9/26



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