Coming to Houston? The city's best spots to watch sports

Maple Leaf Pub Maple Leaf Pub

Houston sports are on fire right now. The city has teams in the MLB playoffs (World Series), MLS playoffs and could potentially be in the NFL playoffs, NBA playoffs, or College football bowl Games. What better way to watch and celebrate than to go out to a fun place with friends and enjoy the big game.

What makes a bar/restaurant a good place to watch sports?

To me, lots of TV’s are huge and having the sound on to a game makes a world of a difference. This is a must for me on my check list (below). The atmosphere. Especially when you’re into the game. Quite understandably, sometimes you just want to relax and catch a game at home with peace and quiet. 

But if you want that atmosphere to share your happiness with others, be sure to check out this list below. In no particular order. Enjoy!

  1. Sound to your favorite game (Texans, Astros, Rockets, Dynamo)

  2. TVs

  3. Atmosphere

  4. Good food/drinks

  5. Patio

  6. Parking

  7. Pet friendly

  8. Service


801 St. Emmanuel St Houston, TX 77003

Lucky’s is a great place to catch any of your Houston teams. Especially when the teams are in the playoffs. Lucky’s will block off the street and put a giant projection screen outside. They will also have food trucks available for guests on the outside. When our Houston team is doing well and wins a playoff game, be prepared…. it gets rowdy. Fans love to throw beer in the air for a celebration, so duck if you’re not wanting to get a beer shower! It’s a great time and a great place to watch our Astros in the World Series right now

  1. Sound to Astros, Rockets, Dynamo, and UH Games

  2. Lots of TV’s including big screen inside (and huge projector screen outside for bigger games)

  3. Great atmosphere / gets rowdy
  4. Good bar food

  5. Patio in back

  6. Parking on street (meter) Or during games paid parking lot

  7. Pets on patio, but gets so packed sometimes, may not be a good idea.

  8. Service at tables, or can go up to bar for drinks

Kirby Ice House

3333 Eastside St Houston, TX 77098

For those of us who drink on weekdays, Kirby typically has a good happy hour crowd almost every day of the week! It is also busy on the weekends with great weather. This place has a good amount of TV’s and plenty of room for people sitting in the outside area. This place is also very pet friendly; tons of people bring their dogs here.

  1. Sound (certain games)

  2. Decent amount TVs

  3. Tons of people, even during weekdays for HH

  4. Good drinks/ No kitchen, but food trucks available

  5. Great patio/huge outside area

  6. Parking available and valet

  7. Patio and large outside area

  8. Waitress comes to table to take drink order

Pub Fiction

2303 Smith St #100 Houston, TX 77006

There are just some days we aren’t meant to sit inside when the weather is beautiful; Pub Fiction is for those days. They always have great drinks specials and a pretty tasty menu. It is a good atmosphere, but the people don’t get too crazy #adulting. There are plenty of TV’s so you won’t miss a primetime game. Pub is also one of those places that if you’re ready to celebrate the win after the game, it’s a good place to stay a little longer. If your game is on a weekend, they get a good crowd.

  1. Sound (most Houston Sports)

  2. Good amount of TV’s

  3. Good atmosphere

  4. Good bar food/ bar

  5. Great indoor outdoor bar/patio

  6. Valet/parking lot, street parking

  7. Pets allowed on patio

  8. Servers at tables


1777 Walker St Houston, TX 77010

There are so many TV’s in this place you can’t ever look away and not see one. They will also have the sounds to a main game across all speakers. However, on the second floor there are small open rooms for a party of about 6-7 where they can set the audio on a different game if you prefer. The food is good, but not a huge selection of a menu.

  1. Sound and different sound in different areas

  2. TONS of TV’s (Largest indoor TV screen in Houston)

  3. Usually pretty packed on weekend nights, week days not so much

  4. Food is upscale bar food/ no drink specials so come on pay day

  5. Limited patio tables

  6. Valet only or lucky street parking

  7. No Pets

  8. Server

Twin Peaks

4527 Lomitas Avenue, Houston, TX 77098

Sounds cliché, and I know what you are thinking but keep reading. It is actually a great atmosphere. I have watched a Texans game here before, and every single person in the place is into it! Plus, if you come on a Sunday, there are plenty of TV’s to watch other games from around the league. Also, depending on what you get on the menu, the food is pretty good. It is better than most bar food.

  1. Sound- Texans & other big games

  2. Good amount of TV’s

  3. Good atmosphere

  4. Food is pretty good

  5. Small patio seating, mostly inside

  6. Valet only

  7. No pets

  8. Server


817 Durham Dr. Houston, TX 77007

Fuego’s has over 24 beers on tap and full bar. If you’re into specialty cocktails they have those too. If there is beautiful weather, the patio is a great place to sit. They have happy hour drink specials and pretty tasty food. Also if you come during the World Series, every time the Astros score a run there’s shot special!

  1. Sound (big games)

  2. Good amount of TVs

  3. Relaxed atmosphere

  4. Food is good for bar food/ drink specials

  5. Big patio with screens and a bar to sit at

  6. Parking lot

  7. Pets allowed on patio

  8. Servers


5334 Washington Ave, Houston, TX 77007

Home of the Sunday Funday. If you’re looking for a great place to watch some football and enjoy a Sunday Funday and work doesn’t come too early for you on Mondays, Clutch is the bar for you. Come watch your Texans or Astros on the giant projection screen. Clutch is mostly inside, but has a nice patio area as well. It is also located on Washington, if you are looking to go out to other bars after the big game.

  1. Sound (big games)

  2. Good amount of TV’s, projector screen

  3. Good atmosphere

  4. Decent bar food and full bar

  5. Half indoor/ half outdoor

  6. Valet / street parking

  7. No pets

  8. Service at tables, but if not walk up to bar for service

Beer Market

Heights- 920 Studemont st #900 Houston, TX 77007

Midtown- 3304 Milam St Houston, TX 77006

Opening right before Harvey, Beer Market is the perfect set-up for game day! They have a wide variety of beers on tap (hence the name), with the beer list divided by country. It also has a pretty yummy menu with unique items.  Be sure to check out their daily specials, they are different every day of the week. You can also enjoy happy hour every day from 2-7 p.m., and if you want to get social, join the drink local mug club.

1) Sound (big games)

2)Tons of TVS

3) Good atmosphere

4) WIDE VARIETY of beers on tap/ Food pretty decent

5) Great patio, great deck

6) Valet/street parking

7) Patio is dog friendly

8) Server

Little Woodrow’s- All locations

(Eado, Midtown, Rice Village, Shepherd, Heights, etc.)

You know this bar since there are tons of Little Woodrow’s all over Houston. And the good thing is most locations are similar, some are more popular than others, but almost all meet my checklist. The only thing they lack at most locations is a kitchen. At some locations there are food trucks available or food nearby (Midtown/Rice Village).

  1. Sound- (most games)

  2. Decent amount of TVs

  3. More relaxed compared to other bar atmospheres

  4. No kitchen (food)/ Food truck, specialty cocktails (frozen woody), drink specials

  5. Most locations are mostly patios

  6. Most have parking lots (except for Rice Village, parking on street)

  7. Pets allowed

  8. Servers for tables, if busy go up to the bar

Tight Ends

2502 Gulf Fwy S. League City, TX 77573

https://d.adroll.com/cm/aol/outhttps://d.adroll.com/cm/index/outGreat atmosphere to catch sports, female servers are minimally dressed, this is definitely not a family friendly place. There are mixed reviews about the food and service. But there are TV’s everywhere and good atmosphere.

  1. Sound on for main games

  2. Tons of TV’s

  3. Usually pretty packed on big games

  4. Ok bar food

  5. Big outside seating area

  6. Valet

  7. No pets

  8. Server

Few bars cater to Soccer and Hockey in this city, but here are two to check out!

Revelry on Richmond

1613 Richmond Ave, Houston, TX 77006

https://d.adroll.com/cm/aol/outhttps://d.adroll.com/cm/index/outGreat atmosphere to catch sports, awesome beer selection and very good food. There is a nice outdoor patio and this is a good bar to catch all types of sports.

  1. Sound on for main games

  2. Tons of TV’s

  3. Excellent beer selection leads to a fun atmosphere

  4. Good food

  5. Big outside seating area

  6. Valet

  7. Pet friendly 

  8. Server

Gorgeous Gael Irish Pub- Soccer/ Rice Football Games & Coaches Show

5555 Morningside Dr. Houston, TX 77005

If you are a soccer fan, Gorgeous Gael is your home for any soccer match. This Irish Pub is located in Rice Village right off Morning Side Drive. They have a really good food menu, especially if you like Shepherd’s Pie. They have a great selection of beers on tap, and a beautiful outdoor patio. You can also enjoy fun board games provided by the bar, just give them your I.D. for collateral.

King's Court-Soccer

903 Hutchins St. Houston, Tx. 77003

 This is a nice spot for soccer, especially European soccer fans. Located near BBVA, it has a nice open rooftop as well. The food is an interesting mix of British and Indian food and a decent beer selection. Plenty of TVs, which are almost all on soccer.

Maple Leaf- Hockey

514 Elgin St, Houston, TX 77006

This bar is a Canadian themed bar, obviously catering to hockey fans! They have plenty of hockey action, every night of the week. Maple Leaf also has Happy hour all day Mondays and plenty of nightly food & drink specials every day.

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Watson's accusers appeared on Real Sports on Tuesday night. Photo by Nick Cammett/Getty Images.

HBO Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel’s heavily promoted and much anticipated examination of Deshaun Watson’s legal mess involving alleged sexual misconduct shed little new light and merely presented a summary of well worn he said/she (x22) said accusations and denials.

The episode debuted Tuesday night on the premium cable service and will be repeated dozens of times throughout the week on HBO’s platforms. Check your local listings for times and channel.

The segment was hosted by Soledad O’Brien who presented compelling face-to-face interviews with two of the quarterback’s accusers: massage therapists Ashley Solis and Kyla Hayes. Their stories were detailed and graphic. Both cried during the interviews.

Solis: “As I’m working, he deliberately grabs himself and put his penis on my hand. I pulled my hand away instantly and I started crying. I told that I’m done. I don’t want to do this anymore.”

Solis said she felt threatened when Watson, before leaving the session, allegedly told her: “I know you have a career to protect, and I know that you don’t want anyone messing with it, just like I don’t want anyone messing with mine.”

Solis added, “That’s when I got really scared because that sounded like a threat to me.”

Hayes: “He wanted me to kind of make a V motion in his pelvic area. I just kept massaging and did what he asked, until his penis kept touching me repeatedly as I did it.”

Hayes said that Watson had an orgasm, which she said was “mortifying, embarrassing and disgusting.”

O’Brien asked Hayes why she continued to have contact via email with Watson after their encounter.

Hayes: "I wasn't sure what he was capable of. He could've physically assaulted me. He could've bashed my business, so I had to protect myself and my business the best way I saw fit. Did I ever see him again after that? No. Did I give him the runaround? Yes."

O’Brien pointed out that two separate grand juries in Texas heard criminal accusations against Watson and neither found enough evidence to indict him.

Solis and Hayes, and 20 other massage therapists have filed civil suits against Watson. The cases aren’t expected to reach a courtroom until next March. Both sides could reach a settlement before then which would effectively shut down any legal action against Watson. However, both sides say they aren’t interested in any pretrial settlements. That’s what they say now, anyway.

After being banished to the sidelines for the 2021 season by the Houston Texans, Watson signed a historic, 5-year fully guaranteed $230 million contract with the Cleveland Browns.

Hayes said she feels Watson “is being rewarded for bad behavior." Solis said, "It's just like a big screw you. That's what it feels like. That we (the Browns) don't care. He can run and throw, and that's what we care about.”

Watson currently is participating in preseason workouts with the Browns and, at the moment, is cleared to play the upcoming NFL season.

That is unless the NFL suspends Watson for some, most or all of the 2022 season. NFL commissioner Roger Goodell has said the league is nearing completion of its independent investigation into Watson’s case and will reach a decision “shortly,” probably this summer. The NFL and NFL Players Association mutually agreed to have former U.S. District Judge Sue Robinson decide whether or not Watson violated the league’s Personal Conduct Policy and what discipline should be handed down if he did.

The Browns are scheduled to play the Texans on Dec. 4 at NRG Stadium in Houston.

O’Brien said, while producing the Real Sports piece, she tried to interview Watson, his attorneys and the Cleveland Browns for their side of the story. All declined.

During a press conference in March to announce his joining the Browns, Watson denied any inappropriate behavior with the massage therapists.

Watson: “I never assaulted any woman. I’ve never disrespected any woman. I was raised to be genuine and respect everyone around me. I’ve never done the thing that these people are alleging. My mom and my aunties didn’t raise me that way.”

Leah Graham, a member of Watson’s legal team, sat for an interview after O’Brien’s segment was complete.

Graham: "It's 22 women. It's one lawyer. There's only one lawyer who was willing to take these cases. And as we know from Ashley Solis’ deposition, Mr. (Houston attorney Tony) Buzbee was not the first, probably not the second or third lawyer she went to, but he was the only one to take her case. Why? Not because it had merit, but because he would use these cases to increase his social media following and quite frankly to get on shows like this one.”

My reaction after watching the Real Sports segment? We weren’t in the room when the massage therapists worked on Watson. We weren’t in the grand jury room when evidence against Watson was presented. We don’t know what happened. We don’t know what will happen if these cases go to trial.

Until then all we have is one big, lurid, embarrassing mess. In American courtrooms, defendants are presumed innocent. That’s often the opposite in the court of public opinion. We’ll just have to wait while the wheels of justice grind painfully slow.

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