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Hey Nerds!

We made it to what some people term the most important day of the week, Friday. I think those people got their days mixed up, but it's ok, I do enjoy a good weekend.


It isn't often that the great and easy opportunity to support a great local charity can happen by just showing up and having a great time but that's exactly what happens by going to the Bayou City Art Festival this weekend. Support local non profits and local artists by spending money this weekend at the Bayou City Arts Festival. Of course it's also a reminder to make sure to spend some time visiting The Arc of Greater Houston's children center there this weekend, those guys do a great job working with people with disabilities and the families of people with disabilities.


This weekend I actually have nothing going on by design, you see next weekend I'm recording live on location from Cox ATA's big tournament we're going to do all kinds of interviews and just overall have a blast out there. Then the very next day is Wrestlemania, so we're going to be recording while watching that for Nerd Thug Wrestling. All of that means we're going to be slammed and I have other work in front of me that will need to be done by then so I'm not going too crazy next weekend, although I may still try and sneak out for the Damn Dame's Burlesque show Friday night.


This week I haven't gotten to feature very many kickstarters so I'm going to make that up you right now, this is a really cool one. Critical Role is a twitch streaming broadcast of professional voice actors playing their dungeons and dragons game, it's been going on for a while now and it's incredibly successful. One of the things that has been mentioned to them over and over is that they should do their own cartoon of their D&D game. That's a great idea, but an incredibly expensive one and not something they can just pool their money together and make. Instead what they did was they put some great thought into their pledge levels, they put some great production into their launch video and made a kickstarter for what was initially supposed to be a pilot, but instead of getting the $750k they asked for, on day one they reach $1.5 million dollars and keeps growing so they've responded and now the stretch goal is $8.8 million dollars and they'll make a 10 episode season instead of a pilot. They don't necessarily need your help but it's an interesting case study for why these things are a good idea when executed properly and honestly, check it out, it looks really cool.


Don't forget to stop by your local comic shop this weekend as you're out on your own adventures, comic books can be a great way to get kids into reading, they can be a fun escape for teenagers and honestly they're still awesome when you're an adult. This week Umbrella Academy: Hotel Oblivion #6 comes out, you may recognize the title from it's recent explosion onto Netflix, there are two series before this one, make sure to check them out. Also this week, Ironheart #4 is out. The heir apparent to the Iron Man kingdom is Riri Williams, the young protégé who at one point was trying to literally fill Iron Man's shoes is on her own in her own book with her own suit of armor. This is one of the reasons to be reading comics, books like Age of X-Man: The Extremists #2 written by my twitter friend Leah Williams. It has great character moments plus it's an X-Men book dealing with alternate realities and a world where sex is forbidden, how do heroes fight if they can't love?


One more Indiegogo project for you, it's already funded but you may be interested in buying these none the less because it's a really cool product. Check out these playing cards specifically made for travel! I think this is a great idea, I travel a little bit for all the stuff we do and sometimes you got a little while to kill and this just makes better sense. One of the fun things about going through these projects is it's kind of like watching Shark Tank when someone comes on with a crazy brilliant idea and all you can do is sit there and think about how no one ever came up with this first? Anyway, check it out, playing cards designed for travel.


So right after I say that the overall Hall of Fame class this year for WWE isn't that strong of a class they turn around and induct the Hart Foundation. This is cool, I think their timing isn't great considering Jim "The Anvil" Neidhart passed away recently but perhaps that's what spurred the decision on. The Hart Foundation were one of those awesome tag teams that you can't say enough great things about and then to think that both individually and together the careers that both The Anvil and Bret "The Hitman" Hart had, it's great to see them put in.

I'm going to jump out and wish you guys a great weekend and remind everyone to be kind to each other and try a little harder to have a great day! I'm coming back Monday and we'll be bringing more good times your way. Feel free to check out my digital short story The Wilson House or buy a shirt from Side Hustle Ts where every shirt is now under $20 or listen to Nerd Thug Radio. Thoughts, complaints, events and comments can be sent to

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