Deshaun Watson should fire his whole team, here's why

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Whether you're famous or not, you have a circle around you. Photo by Carmen Mandato/Getty Images.

Deshaun Watson is embroiled in a serious controversy. He's at the point of no return now. Things have gotten so out of hand, it's hard to keep track of all the allegations, civil suits, and now there's an active investigation by the Houston Police Department. Now that there's a criminal investigation and the first alleged victim has come out and put a name and face to her civil suit, this thing has taken on a new life of its own.

When the details came out that he could've settled this before it all got out and opted not to, I was shocked. Sure it may look like an admission of guilt, but that's why you have a team around you. That team of handlers or representatives is supposed to prevent this kind of stuff from: A) happening in the first place, or B) cleaning up the fallout. Watson's team did neither. Not only did they sit idly by while he indulged, but they didn't help him clean this mess up quietly. Now his once pristine image has been damaged, perhaps permanently, and his team is partially to blame.

When you have a fetish or vice, it can take you down. When you have a team around you, they're supposed to shield you from the things that will take you down. Whether that's stepping in to stop you from ruining things before it gets bad, or it's stepping in to help clean up the fallout of your mess-ups, that is what a REAL team does! Lawyers, friends, managers, public relations, and family members are all part of your team as a celebrity. Those are the people that failed Watson. He failed himself. I'm not absolving him from anything. But those around him have done and continue to do him a disservice. Fortunately, he hired Rusty Hardin and he's an excellent attorney. Whatever he's paying him, he should add 25% because Rusty will make sure he navigates this situation to the best of his ability.

At best, Watson is a creepy deviant who deserves whatever trouble he gets. At worst, he's a criminal and deserves as much jail time as he can possibly get. We will never know all the details of every encounter Watson has had with these women. In my opinion, the details we do know are too much as it is. Watson clearly has a fetish for a certain type of action. His team should've stepped in and done something to set him up for success by getting him help, or finding a way to feed his fetish more safely. Because they didn't, he's now in position to lose everything. They in turn will lose everything. Who wants to be associated with the people who allowed a guy with the world in the palm of his hands to blow it all away?

This is a lesson everyone can learn from. Whether you're famous or not, you have a circle around you. That circle is meant to keep you in line and keep you safe. Part of my circle has helped inspire articles like this one. They've kept me sane throughout one of the most insane times in my life. I can't thank them enough. If Watson had a circle like mine, he wouldn't be in this mess. He should fire them all and replace them with people who want to see him succeed in life because these idiots clearly don't give a damn. That, or they're too chicken sh*t to say anything. Hey Deshaun! I'm here if you need me! I won't let you down!

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