The evil empire that is the Patriots works its magic again

The evil empire that is the Patriots works its magic again
Bill Belichick is at it again.

Last week I posed the question: Why do these things keep happening to the Patriots? That was in response to the Steelers touchdown that was overturned that led to a New England victory. Well.. I ask again...

First came another touchdown against the Pats that was AGAIN overturned. This time Bills receiver, Kelvin Benjamin, appeared to make a great catch and a perfect toe drag in the endzone for six points.

Upon further review.. and there were plenty.. like forever.. like it seemed the suits in New York wanted to reverse the touchdown. Benjamin was ruled out of bounds. No touchdown. To be fair.. the Pats won the game 37-16. So it’s not like the call cost Buffalo the game.

Now if I remember correctly.. the point of replay was to right a wrong. A call the was so badly missed by an official that the replay upon review showed the mistake. This wasn’t the case. Multiple angles really couldn’t give you a definitive look to overturn the call. And that’s the point of the rule right? If it’s so obvious a wrong call, replay will show it and it will be corrected. It seems like the guys and gals at the league office are now trying to find whatever they can to make sure a call is correct. In principle, that’s a good idea. But so was Communism. We saw how that turned out.

Bottom line: if the evidence isn’t clear to overturn the call, whatever the call may be, it must stand. Let the players play. Let the referees officiate. Brutal.

Meanwhile, this James Harrison thing is getting crazy. If you believe his ex-Steeler teammates, Harrison orchestrated his exit to sign with the Patriots. "Trust me, if if I wanted out, I wouldn't let the team take the blame for it," said center Maurkice Pouncey.

Yes, Harrison’s role had been diminished. Playing 40 snaps in 14 games with only one sack for the franchise leader. But really.. .asking to be cut and then blaming the team? And signing so quickly with the Patriots? Very, very, very curious. ‘He erased his own legacy here, let's be serious," Pouncey said. “It's crazy. It blows my mind."

And for those who think the Pats are once again up to some chicanery...I agree with Pouncey. Let’s be serious. Don’t give me any of this that "he’ll tell the Pats everything they need to know about Pittsburgh’s playbook." Last I checked, New England had little trouble beating the Steelers.

This is classic Bill Belichick head games. Maybe Harrison still has one more big sack in him. Maybe. But if the Steelers and Patriots do meet again with a trip to the Super Bowl on the line, the dark overlord (that’s Belichick) is counting on a bunch of Steelers, especially on the defensive side of the ball, thinking about Harrison. Hey, worth a shot right?

They say Vince McMahon is thinking about kickstarting the XFL again. They say he might be interested in buying the Carolina Panthers. The is storyline sure smells like what The Rock Is cooking.

Picture this, Steelers driving in Foxborough.. final play of the game... Big Ben under pressure.. here comes Harrison about to make the sack.. and suddenly stops. Roethlisberger then throws the game winning touchdown to send the Steelers to the Super Bowl. Harrison peels off his Patriots jersey to reveal...a Steelers shirt!!

Baw Gawd! Baw Gawd.. not this way! .. not this way!

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