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Hey Nerds!

The week keeps rolling and we love it, right folks? Ok so Wednesdays are like the slow part of a roller coaster, probably required by the insurers to make sure the riders don't hurl everywhere, but hey it's almost Friday!


With the recent news that the new proposed federal budget cuts $51 million dollars in funding from The Special Olympics, sometimes you have to wonder who's on the side of angels these days. Well one group that definitely resides with the good guys is The Arc of Greater Houston. They've been doing this for a while, helping both people and the families of people with disabilities, everything from helping them apply for SSA and solve the various needs and issues that come up from having this uncertainty in your future. That being said, these good guys are looking for your help, they're looking for volunteers to help their children's booth at this weekends Bayou City Art Festival. Check it out.


So regularly on Nerd Thug Radio (the show I co-host with Joey Savage and Nico) I regularly bring attention to topics and stories before they break nationwide, I usually find interesting things to talk about and what do you know? I have good tastes. This is another great example, just yesterday in my blog I was talking about how I love these paranormal things and I'm obsessed with any of these ghost shows and I'm always into it, if you have something paranormal on tape, I'm in. Which the news agency WXYZ in Michigan does in fact have, something crazily paranormal on tape, the story is going crazy and you should check this clip out.


It can be expensive to be a nerd, some might think this goes without saying but unfortunately it just didn't and it will be said again and again and again. Everything from the tabletop games to the video games to the comic book collections to the cool statues, to the books, nothing is free and very little is ever cheap. But there's a secret weapon, used book stores. Man, these places are a treasure trove of great finds and fun new series to get into, so today I got a recommendation for you. There's a prolific writer that almost certainly has a shelf in every half price book store in America because she wrote some of the most prolific series in a young nerd's life, Anne McCaffrey. She wrote several series The Dragon Riders of Pern, The Tower and The Hive, The Freedom Series, Dinosaur Planet and early in her career she co-wrote a Planet Pirates series, later on her son joined her and wrote several more books in the Pern series himself. These are all really great reads, the last book in the Freedom series wasn't great but the other series are all great and the books before the last book in the Freedom series is also great. Seriously, check her out.


So I've always been fascinated by a burlesque show, the singing, peek a boo, vintage bombshell thing seems like good entertainment. I've only seen one and it was a long time ago but it was a lot of fun and honestly I kind of really want to get back to one, and guess what? This Friday at NumbersDem Damn Dames Burlesque will be performing and the theme is Video Games vs Saturday Morning Cartoons, how can we the viewing public lose? I submit we CAN NOT! Also, you know, click on those links at your own discretion, it's a burlesque show not actual cartoons and video games. Yowza.


If you have a couple million dollars lying around, and these days who doesn't? You too can be the proud owner of your own brewery. What's that? You don't want to build your own? You don't want to leave Houston? You wouldn't even know how to set one up? Oh, there's great news, there's one right here in the Heights that is built out, all the equipment in place, and literally is looking to turn key sell. Yeah but businesses only sell when they are failures someone dumb will probably mutter, well that's just wrong. You see, Houston Cider Co is having an amazing run and business has been SO GREAT that they're honestly looking to sell their existing building, gear and all because they're moving into a much larger facility. The building alone is asking for $1 million bucks, so with the gear and essentially a ready made manufacturing process installed right there at your disposal it's probably going to take a pretty penny to get into the building as is. But if you do buy it as is, well, you'll be well on your way to owning the skeleton of a very successful step one of a brewery, may I suggest GeekBrew? Just a thought.


No fun text convo today, today I want to reach out to each and every one of you readers out there. Every day you guys watch Netflix, read books, consume content, watch movies, television, radio shows, blogs and all kinds of things that people work really hard to produce for you guys day in and out. The reason I share kickstarters, indiegogos, share local artists and have my links in the bottom of the column is because it is hard for creators to create. There are bills to pay and lights to keep on, and we all have our own networks to tap and people to lean on but long gone are the days of wealthy patrons collecting artists like trading cards (which by the way helped spark The Renaissance) but those people alone are never enough to push things to the next level, so just reach out to your friends and families who are creating and remember sometimes they just need a little help.

I'm going to jump out and wish you guys a great Wednesday and remind everyone to be kind to each other and try a little harder to have a great day! I'm coming back tomorrow and we'll be bringing more good times your way. Feel free to check out my digital short story The Wilson House, or buy a shirt from Side Hustle Ts where every shirt is now under $20 or listen to Nerd Thug Radio. Thoughts, complaints, events and comments can be sent to

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Let him cook! Photo by Tim Warner/Getty Images

The Houston Rockets are in the midst of a rebuild. Jalen Green and Kevin Porter Jr are studs. KPJ just signed a four-year extension with the team. Other guys like Jabari Smith Jr, Kenyon Martin Jr, Alperen Sengun, Josh Christopher, Tari Eason, and Jae'Sean Tate are really good pieces to surround Green and KPJ with. The only issue with this group: they're REALLY young! Tate is the elder statesman at 27 of the young nucleus. Most are barely old enough to buy a drink. Some still aren't old enough! They're a bunch of green bananas waiting to turn yellow to slightly brown and be ripe enough for consumption.

We need to give it time. Just like bananas, they take time to ripen. Coach Stephen Silas is known for developing young players. His most prized student is the star player for that team in South Oklahoma up 45. Number 77 for that team credited Silas with helping him realize his All-Pro potential while Silas was a part of the coaching staff there. To a man, all his former players credit him with being a positive influence on their careers. So why are fans in a rush to get rid of him?

When you look at the Rockets' record over the last few years, it's gross. Sure, they've been a lottery team the last couple of seasons, but that was by design. As part of the Chris Paul and Russell Westbrook trades, they gave away pick swap rights. Had they not been that bad, they wouldn't have been able to draft Green or Smith Jr. Those two guys are building blocks for the future, along with KPJ. Giving those picks away would've put this team further down the totem pole of developing themselves into a contender. Losing pays off when you can hit on high lottery picks.

If you give a chef dirt, bread, ham, molded cheese, and spoiled mayo, can you expect anything else but a nasty ham sandwich? How about if the chef was given a steak that is almost rotten, potatoes with root growth, and spoiled butter? Could you expect a better meal than the sandwich? Yes! However, that meal may still cause a stomachache. Now, give said chef a full complement of gourmet groceries and guess what you'll get?

This is why I say let Silas cook. He's the perfect coach for this group of kids. He can teach them all the fundamentals of the game at this level and help them grow into their full potential. If there's a change to be made on the sidelines, move Silas into a front office role, but DO NOT get rid of him! Guys like him are too valuable. Why do you think Mark Cuban hated losing him, but knew he couldn't retain him because he had a head coach already? Cuban knew what he had in Silas and what Silas did for Luka Doncic. He can do something similar for the Rockets if given the time to work his magic.

Should Tilman Fertita find the need to move on, I'd look for a more experienced coach who can guide them from bottom of the playoff ladder into top four in the West and real contenders. For now, Silas is the head chef. Continue giving him the groceries he needs, and he'll continue giving these kids the lessons they need to develop. Changing the coach now could stunt their growth. Let him cook!

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