Give in to the dark side and enjoy your Astros

Image via Stephen Uzick

I'm not here with another hot take on what should or shouldn't be done regarding the Astros and the sign stealing hoopla. What I do have here is a short and sweet message for Astros fans.

Stop trying to justify it, stop trying to push back against the Twitterverse and media coming after the team and Houston. It is time to give in the dark side (something I wrote about previously, before the sign stealing saga). Let's face it, we are the bad guys but the villains always have more fun, right? Nothing will infuriate the rest of baseball more than for Astro fan to lean into this role, and that sounds pretty entertaining to me. So free yourself of the hand-wringing of wondering if the "apology" was enough, stop crying about the national media, and don't worry if being a fan of the franchise makes you a bad person. Relish the hatred, let it make you stronger and join me under the new Astros flag this season.

Composite photo by Jack Brame

The Yankees are dealing with some injuries to their rotation already this Spring with James Paxton recovering from back surgery and losing Luis Severino for the year due to Tommy John surgery.

ESPN 97.5's A.J. Hoffman, Joel Blank, and Raheel Ramzanali breakdown both pitching rotations now that the Yankees have already suffered some big injuries.

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