Here’s where Deshaun Watson stands in the MVP conversation

Deshaun Watson recorded one of the biggest wins in his career when the Texans defeated the Chiefs this past Sunday.

Watson didn't have a terrific day in the stat column because of his 2 interceptions, but he did have 3 total touchdowns and was great at the end of the game when the Texans needed a first down to ice the game.

ESPN 97.5's Fred Faour and A.J. Hoffman weigh in on Watson's performance this year, and discuss if he has a chance to win MVP.

Composite photo by Jack Brame

The Texans disappointed their fans on the big stage once again on Sunday when they got blown out by the Ravens in Baltimore.

The team looked completely unprepared, despite having an extra week to get ready for the game because of the off week after the game in London.

ESPN 97.5's Charlie Pallilo weighs in on the Texans loss to the Ravens, and looks ahead to Thursday night's game against the Colts.