If one player deserves the most credit for the Texans' win, it's this guy

​The Texans looked great beating the Patriots on Sunday night, but it doesn't seem like Deshaun Watson is getting enough credit.

Saying the QB didn't get enough credit seems strange, but Watson drastically changed the momentum in that game when it absolutely had to be done. He not only limited his own mistakes, but also made up for some of the mistakes of his teammates in the process.

ESPN 97.5's Joel Blank weighs in on Watson's fantastic performance against the Patriots. Point Blank presented by Fitz Roofing.

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The process of drafting a quarterback has become more sophisticated as the years have gone by. Watching the game film and doing interviews are still an important part of the process.

But cognitive tests by NFL teams have almost replaced the importance of the Wonderlic, according to some evaluators. Either way, these test have become a big piece of the puzzle for many NFL teams. In fact, quarterbacks that have performed well on the S2 have seen success in the NFL. Joe Burrow and Josh Allen are two examples.

The S2 Cognition test has been the topic of many draft conversations recently. This test is designed to gauge a person's data processing rate. Texans GM Nick Caserio was asked this week if the team subscribes to S2's Cognition test. Caseiro said the team does not use S2, but they do use cognition tests as part of their evaluation process.

With this is mind, some S2 results for the top QB prospects have been revealed on the internet.

Be sure to check out the video above as we discuss how high scores on the S2 could impact Will Levis, Anthony Richardson, and some of the other prospects that reportedly performed well.

Plus, if these results could influence how the Texans approach the NFL Draft.

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