Videos finally drop of Carlos Beltran discussing Houston Astros, sign-stealing

Carlos Beltran speaks on the scandal. Composite photo by Brandon Strange.

After days of leaked excerpts from Carlos Beltran's interview with the Yes Network about the Astros use of sign-stealing in 2017, we now have access to the videos. It doesn't seem like much was covered in the videos that wasn't already leaked. But let's be real, these are the Yankees employees and the interview is on their network. Beltran isn't going to say anything the Yankees don't approve of because he obviously wants to keep his job.

We'll be a lot more excited when/if the Yankees letter gets unsealed, but this is what is being reported in the meantime. We have to wonder if this is all a preliminary tactic by Brian Cashman and the Yankees knowing that what's in that letter will become public soon. And to top that, Red Sox pitcher Chris Sale said Monday that he knows the Astros weren't the only team using cameras, and it's time to move on.

Looks like Carlos Beltran is back to being the bad guy in the eyes of Astros fans.

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