Astros GM raises eyebrows with “untouchable” player comments

Houston Astros GM Dana Brown joined the team's flagship station this week and spoke about how the team will approach the trade deadline.

Brown was asked if any prospect would be untouchable in a trade, Brown said Drew Gilbert would only be made available if the trade was for a player with a few years of team control. In other words, they're not trading Gilbert for a rental.

In the past, Astros GM Jeff Luhnow treated Kyle Tucker and Forrest Whitley as untradeable prospects. And that certainly worked out in the case of Kyle Tucker. Forrest Whitley, however, was drafted in 2016 and still hasn't made an appearance in the big leagues.

Finally, is there a scenario in which the Astros would be sellers at the trade deadline? The team would have to be out of contention and/or suffer another huge injury to the pitching staff. Also, if the club can't get Cristian Javier back on track, making a deep playoff run would seem very unlikely this season.

If this scenario did play out, the Astros would have some quality pitchers in the bullpen to trade that are set to be free agents next season. Ryne Stanek (2024 FA), Phil Maton (2024 FA), and Hector Neris (player option for 2024 if he makes six more appearances this season) would definitely be in demand for teams looking to add to their depth for a postseason run.

But at the end of the day, the Astros will likely be in striking distance of making the playoffs when the trade deadline arrives on August 1. However, Houston's upcoming series with the Rangers could have a huge impact on how this season plays out.

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After another poor performance from former Houston Texans QB Deshaun Watson, the Cleveland Browns' season is starting to look like an uphill climb. Pro Bowl running back Nick Chubb is out for the year, and Cleveland fans aren't too pleased with the way Watson is playing, especially considering the massive contract extension he signed with the team. And we didn't even get to the off the field drama that comes with Watson.

However, Houston fans are invested in the Browns' season outcome as well, with the Texans holding the Browns' first round pick in 2024, and having sent their own first rounder to the Cardinals in the Will Anderson trade.

So each loss for the Browns, means a better draft pick for the Texans!

For Houston, it looks like they have their QB of the future in CJ Stroud. And he'll be on a less expensive rookie contract for the next several years, giving the Texans more cap space to upgrade the roster.

With all of this in mind, is it fair to question if the Texans dodged a bullet when Watson demanded a trade?

DeMeco Ryans vs. Lovie Smith

Plus, we're only two games into the season, but Lovie Smith's defense was much better (with a similar roster) than what DeMeco Ryans' defense has shown thus far, and DeMeco has the benefit of Will Anderson rushing the QB.

Are the struggles on defense more about the roster GM Nick Caserio has put together, or does this slow start fall on DeMeco?

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