Let's sift through the aftermath of Houston Astros domination of Rangers

Coming off an impressive sweep of the Texas Rangers in Arlington, the Astros return to Houston in first place in the AL West with a big series with the Padres looming.

The Astros have been road warriors this season, but they're going to have to recapture some of that magic at home over the next two series if they want to stay on top in their division.

So the question becomes, who are the Astros? Are they the road team that went into Boston and Arlington and came away with sweeps, or are they the club that got swept by the Yankees and the Mariners recently?

In reality, they have been both teams this year. More often than not, they have given back several games after going on a winning streak.

However, let's hope the Astros have now turned a corner, and they're falling back into their postseason form that's made them so successful over the last seven years.

Be sure to watch the video above as we discuss all the implications from the Astros huge series win over the Rangers, and what lies ahead.

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The Houston Astros are coming off a big win over the Orioles and hopefully things are getting back on track as the club makes their final push for the playoffs with only nine games left.

While we're all excited about the latest walk-off win, we can't ignore the fact that the team has dropped three straight series. Two of which were against the two worst teams in baseball (the Royals and A's).

We've all heard the reports about Chas McCormick's playing time, the batter's eye in center field causing the Astros to struggle, and three team meetings over the past month.

With that in mind, are these distractions a factor in how the team is performing on the field?

Be sure to watch the video as we break it all down.

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