Houston Dynamo legend Brian Ching kicks off hot new EaDo bar

Brian Ching is ready to welcome patrons to Pitch 25. Photo by Eric Sandler

This story originally appeared on CultureMap/Houston.

ne of Houston’s most eagerly-anticipated new bars is ready to kick things off in EaDo. Pitch 25 Beer Park, the beer garden and soccer bar that unites Dynamo legend Brian Ching with The Kirby Group, opens its doors to customers for the first time on Friday, June 8.

Pitch 25 blends the beer garden aspects of Kirby Group concepts Heights Bier Garten and Holman Draft Hall with unique soccer elements to create a space that’s unlike anywhere else in Houston. That starts with the venue’s indoor soccer pitch, which is big enough to hold four-on-four matches. In addition, framed jerseys and artwork pay tribute to Ching’s career; he remains the Dynamo’s all-time leading scorer and led the team to two MLS Cup championships.

Even with 42 TVs, Pitch 25 is more than a sports bar. It has a mix of seating options — everything from couches and high-top tables to swings — a huge patio with a stage, and even a few games like shuffleboard and corn hole that will appeal to people who refer to all professional sports as “sports ball.”

Although the retired player had previously invested in a few bars and restaurants, Ching readily admits he needed assistance in operating the 25,000-square-foot venue. To bring his vision of a soccer bar to fruition, he partnered with his longtime friends Andy Aweida and Jeff Barati, who enlisted Kirby Group food and beverage director Steven Salazar and executive chef Brandon Silva to create the food and beverage options. But this isn’t just some branding agreement where an athlete slaps his name on a business, Ching tells CultureMap that he expects to be a regular presence at Pitch 25.  

“I’ll be here pretty much everyday, to be honest. It’s the first business I’ve helped grow from idea to what it is now, and it’s right across the street [from his office with the Dynamo],” Ching says. “It’s something I want to be a part of, because my name is on it. I feel like my reputation is on it. It’s not something I’m going into with just, here’s my name. I want to grow and learn every aspect of it.”

Like Holman Draft Hall and Heights Bier Garten, Pitch 25 features 100 taps of beer (mostly craft along with some national brands) and wine. Although it doesn’t have a set cocktail menu, the bartenders can make classics like an Old Fashioned, a French 75, or a margarita. Two frozen drinks will also be available.

Silva’s food menu focuses on sandwiches, burgers, salads, and vegetable starters. The Brian Ching burger includes pineapple and fried spam in tribute to his Hawaiian heritage.

All of those food and drinks will be available throughout the World Cup. Pitch 25 will open early for some matches, starting at 9 am on Thursday, June 14 for the opening match between Russia and Saudi Arabia. Reservations are available for groups who want to watch the matches together. 

“I think everybody that walks into this place kind of steps back and goes ‘wow.’” Ching says. “It’s big, it’s unique, it’s different. I think if we can capitalize on that, the World Cup will be a great time for people to come and enjoy.”

Salazar adds that it will be a challenge adapting to the early mornings, but his team is ready. “It’ll be long days, but we’re fully staffed. There’s 40 people ready to work the floor,” he says.

Even when the Cup champion has won the final match — Ching says he's rooting for Messi to lead Argentina to victory — Pitch 25 will be ready to provide EaDo residents and revelers with a new place to party. Salazar and his team certainly aim to achieve a business that's worthy of Ching's reputation. 

“We’re not underachievers here. We open big. We dream big. We serve high-quality products,” Salazar says. “If it’s in the realm of possibility, we aim to please. We’re all about hospitality and delivering for our customers.”


Pitch 25; 2120 Walker St.; Open Monday through Friday from 3 pm to 2 am, Saturday and Sunday from 11 am to 2 am.


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Another week has come and gone in the world of wrestling and there was a lot of changes and waves made this week.

In Raw, Braun Stroman was stripped of his title match for making a rather formidable display of strength by flipping a limousine over onto its side. It was incredibly impressive, even as a bit as Braun has been recovering from elbow surgery and this sort of proves physically he is back and that is bad news for whomever gets in front of him. Rising out of the ashes of that now dead match was a fatal four way where the haircut-needing walking myth himself John Cena passed the torch to one Finn Balor, the first ever WWE Universal Champion who relinquished his title due to injury. The intercontinental title passing to Bobby Lashley was an odd turn considering all three men - Lashley, Rollins and Ambrose - involved in that match now have held the title in the last month. There were still some corny bits, some scripted almost nudity from still injured Alexa Bliss resulting in the best eye roll in history from Renee Young, but they were balanced by the announcement of a women's tag team division, finally.

On Smackdown, the ship keeps feeling like it's listing, like the show is moving in the wrong direction somehow. The opening with Becky Lynch was amazing, the building of her character into this massive star has been incredible and more of this is what Smackdown needs. She opened her match with a massive throat punch that shows a kind of cocky dominance Smackdown as a whole is lacking, a feeling that some of these guys are truly legendary badasses. The Mandy Rose wants to ruin a marriage storyline continues for some reason and yet again Naomi and Mandy came to blows with no resolution. When will it end? The show overall was flat but it did end with a Shane McMahon coast to coast, leaping cake in the face on Shamus.

The WWE has started the process of introducing some new talent, with Nicki Cross involved in a three on three women's tag team match on Raw and with Heavy Machinery -a tag team- playing comic relief and Lacey Evans standing around sipping tea, not an exaggeration at all. Hopefully these three can do more than reorganize the deck chairs on what is starting to feel like The USS Smackdown post iceberg, but only time will tell.

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