Houston Sportscast: Episode 2.5 - "Via Con Dios Harden"

James Harden finally got what he wanted. Photo by Getty Images.

In case you didn't hear, there was a bit of a trade. James Harden is no longer a Rocket. We break it all down.

3:25 - Thanks Lakers!

6:40 - Harden postgame comments

8:34 - Now we're wall fans

10:25 - Boogie gets REAL

16:50 - THE WOJ-BOMB DROPS; trade details

23:10 - Good or bad for the Rockets?

26:19 - Nets or Rockets, who won?

35:59 - How the secondary teams fared

39:12 - Rockets expectations moving forward

41:51 - What to do with PJ Tucker

*The opinions expressed in this podcast do not reflect the views of Gow Media.

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