Houston Sportscast: Episode 7 - "JJ did it right‪"

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The Texans finally get one thing right, a browns fan preps Texans fans for the long road ahead, the Rockets are bad, and the Astros are gearing up.

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04:12 – JJ Watt release reaction

15:00 – Texans are becoming the Browns

16:00 – Interview with lifelong Browns fan on how to cope with a bad team

34:50 – Jamey Rootes resigns, reaction

37:08 – Rockets recap

39:00 – Rockets resting or tanking?

45:45 – Ray Spalding signed

46:42 – Kevin Porter Jr. sighting

48:08 – Yelp reviews are lame

48:56 – James Harden interview reaction

51:45 – ASTROS ARE (almost) BACK

54:48 – Bad bar discussion

58:50 – Astros season predictions

59:36 – Flula on baseball

62:42 – Reddit Headline(s) of the week

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This week, we discuss how Watt's new contract proved the Texans could have traded him and we also expose a ridiculous quote from a Texans coach that has since surfaced.

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