Houston Sportscast: Episode 7 - "JJ did it right‪"

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The Texans finally get one thing right, a browns fan preps Texans fans for the long road ahead, the Rockets are bad, and the Astros are gearing up.

*The opinions expressed in this podcast do not reflect the views of Gow Media.

04:12 – JJ Watt release reaction

15:00 – Texans are becoming the Browns

16:00 – Interview with lifelong Browns fan on how to cope with a bad team

34:50 – Jamey Rootes resigns, reaction

37:08 – Rockets recap

39:00 – Rockets resting or tanking?

45:45 – Ray Spalding signed

46:42 – Kevin Porter Jr. sighting

48:08 – Yelp reviews are lame

48:56 – James Harden interview reaction

51:45 – ASTROS ARE (almost) BACK

54:48 – Bad bar discussion

58:50 – Astros season predictions

59:36 – Flula on baseball

62:42 – Reddit Headline(s) of the week

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On the heels of 2 blowout wins by the Astros over the Red Sox in the ALCS, some Boston media members have now resorted to silly and baseless accusations of cheating. This is one video you don't want to miss as we lay out how ridiculous and hypocritical these claims really are.

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