Listen to Texans head coach DeMeco Ryans take a new tone with the media

Houston Texans head coach DeMeco Ryans spoke with the media this week and shared his excitement about the team finally leaving the classroom and getting on the practice field.

Compared to the Texans' two previous coaches, Ryans really stands out and provides some legitimate hope for the fan base heading into the season. It appears the honeymoon phase is over, and Ryans and the Texans are ready to get to work.

Plus, the guys react to Ryans' comments about Texans rookie QB CJ Stroud.

Be sure to watch the video above as Jake Asman and Brad Kellner react to a refreshing new tone from the Texans coaching staff.

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With about one week left in the month of May, the Houston Astros are 28-20 and 2 games behind the Texas Rangers in the AL West. And just 5 days ago, The Score published an article claiming the Astros have begun their descent from baseball's top echelon.

“…a franchise that appeared to be set up for an extended run of sustained excellence – like the Dodgers, Rays, or Yankees – now appears to be on a different trajectory.”

Wow. What have the Rays or Yankees won in recent memory? Nothing. Anyway, the article basically claims that because of injuries and a bad farm system, the Astros are in a decline and their days of dominating the AL are now over.

Be sure to check out the video above as we react to this preposterous claim, and conclude that these articles are just wishful thinking from the bias national media.

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