Predicting the Houston Texans 2022 NFL schedule

The Texans would play the Browns Week 18 in this scenario. Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images.

The Houston Texans will have their entire schedule released officially on Thursday, but here is my best guess on what 2022 will look like.

The opponents are below and the Texans will play one more road game than home games this year.


New York Giants
Las Vegas

Week 1 - vs Kansas City Chiefs

If there were any time to catch the Chiefs, it would be in the first week when they haven't settled into their Tyreek Hill-less offense.

Week 2 - at Tennessee Titans

Hopefully, there is another Ryan Tannehill disaster in the cards for the Texans in this early-season divisional tilt.

Week 3 - vs Philadelphia Eagles

The Eagles boast a quarterback from the Houston area and a familiar foe in former Titans wideout now Eagles pass catcher A.J. Brown.

Week 4 - at Miami Dolphins

The Texans don't escape seeing Tyreek Hill in the first month but hopefully, the game is better than last year's abomination in Miami.

Week 5 - vs Los Angeles Chargers

Justin Herbert and the much-improved Chargers will have revenge on their minds after the last-season debacle against the Texans.

Week 6 - at Jacksonville Jaguars (Thursday Night Football)

This game has some storylines to keep it interesting for the national audience, with Davis Mills playing well last year and Trevor Lawrence struggling, plus three of the top 15 draft picks.

Week 7 - at Denver Broncos

The Broncos off the mini-bye is a nice setup but if the Denver offense is going to be great, it will easily be humming by this part of the season.

Week 8 - vs Indianapolis Colts

Matt Ryan will be settled in at this junction of the year or we will all know if he has played his last competitive football by now.

Week 9 - at Dallas Cowboys

No Thanksgiving game for the Texans in this matchup as Houston looks for a win over the Cowboys for the first time since their Sunday Night overtime stunner in 2018.

Week 10 - at New York Giants

The NFC East in back-to-back weeks for the Texans who will have a good idea if Davis Mills is better than Daniel Jones by this point.

Week 11 - Off Week

Pretty close to the best time in the season for an off week.

Week 12 - at Las Vegas Raiders

Nick Caserio's old friend Josh McDaniels will host Houston in Sin City while the Texans try to prevent Davante Adams from replicating his stellar 2020 performance that saw him amass 196 yards and score twice.

Week 13 - vs Jacksonville Jaguars

The visit from Jacksonville is much later than it usually seems to happen, as it feels like the Jaguars have usually popped into Houston early in the schedule.

Week 14 - vs Washington Commanders

Carson Wentz should have melted down by this point but the defense of the Commanders as well as some other talented players are still a tough late-season opponent.

Week 15 - vs Tennessee Titans

The Titans should be well on their way to the playoffs at this point or playing Malik Willis in this game. Either way, the game holds intrigue.

Week 16 - at Chicago Bears

Justin Fields will have the Bears in a position to finish the year strong if he is indeed a franchise quarterback. If he isn't, this could be a Bears team headed towards the top overall pick.

Week 17 - at Indianapolis Colts

The Colts should be in the playoff hunt at this point and some of the young players they are counting on will have either stepped up to the challenge or sunk the season.

Week 18 - vs Cleveland Browns

How great would it be to knock the Cleveland Browns out of the playoffs in the last week of the season? Can you even imagine the level of vitriol Deshaun Watson would experience if this was the final matchup of the season?

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How much does it cost to attend an Astros baseball game?

According to the just released 2023 Team Marketing Report of Fan Cost, a family of four has to shell out $343.72 at Minute Maid Park to catch a game. That’s the third-highest price tag in all of Major League Baseball, trailing only the New York Yankees and Boston Red Sox.

This cost analysis data is courtesy of Sporting Post and runs a tab of four “non-premium” tickets, four hot dogs, two small beers, two small soft drinks, two team hats and one parking space.

Sporting Post put the average price for Astros tickets at $58.61 per person, hot dogs $6 each, small beers $7.50 each, small sodas $5.50 each, Astros caps $24.99 each and parking $9.30.

Let’s crunch the numbers and get real.

I do not sit in the press box with a media pass. I go to games and I pay for tickets. I do not pay $58 for a ticket, however. For example, right now you can go on the Astros website and buy tickets for the June 19th game against the Mets – upper deck behind first base, third row, on the aisle, for $37 each. They’re good seats. And you don’t have to deal with secondary market entrepreneurs.

I don’t need to buy an Astros hat, certainly not a new one each time I go to a game. I have never paid for parking. There’s free parking downtown after 7 p.m. and you can find a space if you’re willing to walk a few blocks. You probably can use the exercise. Plus, unlike some other MLB towns, public transportation will get you near the ballpark.

I buy a hot dog and soda. I know they’re overpriced but a dog and Coke (or beer) are part of the baseball experience. I’m worth it. Fans are allowed to bring food, in reasonable amounts, to Minute Maid Park. Hot dogs supposedly taste best at a ballpark. I’ve never heard that about a tuna fish sandwich. Minute Maid Park is not a high school cafeteria.

I’m not an Astros apologist for their high prices. But …

You want a winning team? Pretty things cost money. It’s the difference between going to dinner at McDonald’s or an upscale steakhouse. The Astros are filet mignon. Don’t be embarrassed to ask for a doggie bag.

Yes, it’s expensive to attend a game at Minute Maid Park, but the Astros are putting out a quality product. They’re the best thing going in Houston. Why stop there? The Astros are the most successful pro sports team in America over the past seven years. You know the numbers: four American League pennants, six ALCS appearances in a row, four World Series appearances and two championships.

You get what you pay for. You want the Astros to sign Alex Bregman, Kyle Tucker and Framber Valdez to long-term deals? Those players won’t come cheap.

Signing slugging first baseman Jose Abreu to a three-year deal took a ton of money. OK, bad example. But you get my point.

It’s not like the Astros are printing money with their local TV contract, like the Dodgers, Yankees and Red Sox. The Dodgers’ deal is worth upwards of $250 million. The Astros deal with AT&T SportsNet is worth about $73 million. For comparison, the Rangers’ local TV deal is worth about $111 million. I get it, the Dallas designated market is larger than Houston, but it’s still annoying when Dallas gets anything bigger or better than us.

Astros fans love their team and show out. The Astros are averaging 37,111 fans so far this year. That’s in the upper echelon of baseball, and 4,000 more fans per game over last year.

According to Forbes, the Astros are worth $2.25 billion (with a B), up 14 percent from 2022. Jim Crane and his support group bought the Astros for $610 million (with an M) in 2011.

The cheapest deal in baseball is offered by the Baltimore Orioles. A family of four can attend an O’s game for $198, according to Sporting Post data.

Now we enter the Bizarro World, or as they call it out west, Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum. The A’s charge the 11th highest prices to attend a game - $240 for a family of four to watch the historically awful A’s lose game after game after game after (tell me when to stop).

On the other hand, you can enjoy quiet private time with your spouse and children in the empty upper deck. The A’s are averaging only 8,600 “fans” per game.

You know me and attendance figures. I’m calling bull on 8,600 fans.

I’m saying more like 5,000 … and I’ll still take the under.

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