How Texans rookies are igniting the Houston fan base in a big way

Houston Texans rookies CJ Stroud and Will Anderson are both igniting the Texans fan base already.

How are they doing it? Jake Asman caught up with some Texans fans that shared with him why they are so excited about the start of the season. Two of the biggest reasons these fans were pumped about the team were CJ Stroud and Will Anderson.

While the Texans caught some heat for what they traded to move up and draft Will Anderson, it looks like it was a great and necessary move to win the fans back after the infamous Jack Easterby era. At least according to these fans.

The team now has two cornerstones of the franchise, with one on offense and the other on defense.

Plus, the addition of DeMeco Ryans seems to be a great hire to get Houston fans ready to follow the team each and every Sunday.

Which hasn't been the case over the last couple of years. And fans will definitely be looking to see the guys in action at training camp.

Be sure to check out the video above as ESPN’s Houston's Jake Asman, Brad Kellner, and Cody Stoots lay out the full discussion on The Wheelhouse.

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The Houston Texans are turning heads after their upset of the Jacksonville Jaguars last weekend. But it's not just that, QB CJ Stroud recently won offensive rookie of the month and the national media is taking notice.

ESPN's Dan Orlovsky called Stroud the best “mover in the pocket” since Joe Burrow, and said the Texans' 2023 Draft Class might be the best in the NFL.

With that in mind, we discuss if Houston should have the highest ranked draft class this year, and if so, will that be enough to keep GM Nick Caserio in the good graces of ownership?

Be sure to watch the video above as we break it all down!

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