Pat McAfee Show: Michael Lombardi sets the record straight on CJ Stroud, Texans

NFL insider Michael Lombardi joins The Pat McAfee Show and shares his thoughts on why he believes the Houston Texans are going to take the best player available, and that isn't CJ Stroud, according to him.

Lombardi is of the opinion that every QB in this draft besides Bryce Young has something “wrong with them.” Meaning, something about their game indicates to him that they're not ready to step in and play at the NFL level.

So if it's not Stroud, what will the Texans do? Lombardi believes the Texans and DeMeco Ryans will have a long-term outlook and minimize risk by taking the best player available. Which according to him is Georgia defender Jalen Carter, but Carter's off the field issues likely will cause Houston to pass on him in favor of Alabama edge rusher Will Anderson or Texas Tech d-lineman Tyree Wilson.

The Texans could also be in position to trade down and get a nice trade package for a team looking to draft Stroud.

A new wrinkle?

Lombardi later makes the case that it seems NFL teams are starting to believe Stroud may not go No. 2 after all, and are seriously considering other possibilities. If teams are preparing as if this could actually happen, and it isn't a smoke screen, there might be something to this. Of course, the Texans could just be doing a good job of creating uncertainty.

We'll find out next Thursday!

Be sure to check out the video above to learn more!

Warning: The video contains graphic language.

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