In the aftermath of elimination chamber, new talent debuts this week


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This week kicked off with a solid Elimination Chamber event here in Houston, with Shane and Miz losing their titles to The Usos and Finn Balor winning the intercontinental belt in a handicap match. The event had some surprises and great moments, the most important being crowning Sasha and Bailey as the first women's tag champions in WWE history. The finale of Elimination Chamber wound up being much better than expected with Kofi Kingston going off for the second show in a row and going the distance against Daniel Bryan before eventually losing what was honestly a great match between the two.

This week on Raw and Smackdown both shows made the interesting decision to showcase some new call ups from NXT with Aleister Black, Johnny Gargano, Tommaso Ciampa and Ricochet. Both shows had them putting on quality matches against the likes of Cien Almas, Elias, The Bar, and The Revival, among others. It's certainly an interesting choice to say the least considering recently EC3, Heavy Machinery, Nikki Cross and Lacey Evans were also called up from NXT. That's a lot of new faces to integrate into what is currently a fairly stacked roster of talent.

This leads right back into AEW, as all roads seem to lead currently, with ripples being felt throughout the wrestling world. On Nerd Thug Wrestling, Brock Baker, indy wrestler formerly of Booker T's program Reality of Wrestling, talked about how the entry of a new big fish in the market has opened opportunities on both WWE developmental schools and throughout the indy scene. With AEW snapping up quality talent from the upper echelons of independent wrestling including former Reality of Wrestling's own Kylie Rae, and forcing WWE to respond by bringing in it's own new young talent so as to not be left out. All these signing means the one thing for every wrestler, an opportunity.

With this week seeming to be a showcase week and less of an "advance the story" week, there wasn't a ton of twists or turns or announcements for Fastlane or Wrestlemania, with the exception of the announcement of Degeneration X being inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame including controversial figure The Ninth Wonder of the World, Chyna.

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