It's time for the Texans to reach out to Colin Kaepernick

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After reading Fred Faour’s article yesterday about the effort needed by the Texan’s defense for the remainder of the 2017 season I thought about what it would take to make that feasible. The answer has already been written and talked about by numerous people besides me; Colin Kaepernick. My opinion is not based on some high opinion of him though. I don’t really have an opinion of him. My thoughts are simply based on my low opinion of Tom Savage, Matt McGloin and T.J. Yates. And that is why it’s time for the Texans leadership to get off their high horse and sign him to finish out the season.

Bill O'Brien was asked several times about Kaepernick at Monday's press conference. He did his best to deflect but it was a hot topic.

Going into Sunday’s game the Texans’ offense with Deshaun Watson was putting up 30 points a game and for the first time in team history looked like a juggernaut. Against the 31st ranked defense, at home, without Watson; they looked pathetic. The defense kept them in it and my only take away was this: could they have won that game with just a serviceable quarterback? I think it’s possible. What does that mean for the next 8 games?

Without Watson I don’t think the Texans will make the playoffs. The Jaguars and Titans are playing too well to allow the Texans to get in. Normally, I would say fine. If you can’t win without “the man” then do your best and settle for a decent draft pick.

The Texans can’t do that this year. They gave away their draft picks in the first 2 rounds to the Browns. Without that sort of incentive waiting in the offseason, Bob McNair should be acquiring the most talented players to give his team a chance. That’s the least he can do.

Kaepernick is the best available quarterback on the market and can duplicate at least some of what made Watson effective on the field. Signing lesser talent with the reasoning that they have experience in the offensive system is a poor excuse. But we all know that it comes down to politics.

And it’s those politics that would defeat some of the reasons for making the move. This is Texas. In a solid red state like this one, anything deemed unpatriotic must be shunned by the strongest means. Signing Kaepernick would turn a lot of fans away. They would have to wait until next year to come back when he can be cut and they can pretend not to have noticed he was ever there.

I believe the opposite is true. Bringing him in would be a move for the fans. It’s an indication that just because the Texans might not make the playoffs, at least they are trying to put a good product on the field while they wait to get their quarterback and their ability to draft back. As a fan, I would appreciate that. From where I sit now; not only are the Texans bad to watch, they won’t get better while the teams around them do. That includes the Browns who would benefit immensely from their own high draft picks and the high ones they received from the Texans.

What about free agency? If the Texans can’t get players with immediate impact ability in the draft then surely they have to seek out free agents. Not signing a player who might make this team competitive because of a political line in the sand sends the wrong message. Bob McNair is telling potential free agents that he only wants to help this team win if it doesn’t make him uncomfortable.

That’s fine. He can do that. Down years can happen in business from time to time. After all, he’s already a billionaire owner. He can wait out this season, and the next, and the next until all of this is forgotten and he can rebuild again.

Wait, did I say business? This can’t be about business, can it? Nah, every business owner I’ve ever met would do whatever it takes for his business to be successful year in and year out. But I guess just owning a team is enough as long as fans keep showing up to games. In Texas that means losing games because it’s better than signing a player who ruffles a few feathers.

I just can’t understand the contempt he has to have for those who pay for his product. I know he’s already past the point where he wouldn’t look completely hypocritical by signing Kaepernick, but at least he can say he did it for the fans. People like someone who swallows his pride for the sake of others. I’m not sure how much they like someone who keeps this team from being watchable because of his pride. Time will tell.

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