Kickers vs. Punters: Who really does better with the ladies?

ESPN 97.5's Joel Blank, Barry Laminack, and Nick Sharara debate the success NFL punters and kickers have with the ladies. To settle the debate, the guys bring none other than a former NFL punter to set things straight.

Former punter and self-admitted geek, Chris Kluwe, joined the program to share his take on the discussion. Make sure you check out the full interview above.

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This week, we react to the Philadelphia 76ers' reported interest in trading for Rockets' Eric Gordon, and how it appears former Rockets GM Daryl Morey is putting together a team full of previous Rocket players in Philly after trading for James Harden and signing P.J. Tucker and Daniel House.

Plus, will the Rockets be the third team involved that helps Brooklyn move Kevin Durant to another team? And which player would the Rockets receive in the trade?

Check out the video above to learn more!

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